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Ok. Don’t answer that.

But I am breaking out everywhere. On my face, chest, arms, tummy & legs. I dunno what is going on or what I’m allergic to, but it keeps getting worse!

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My brother and I think I may be allergic to alfalfa. He and Taylor have been unloading alfalfa, Keena has been playing in alfalfa – put two and two together.

But also, I noticed I started breaking out this morning after breakfast, and then again as I was catching up on Pretty Little Liars after finishing a gala apple – I also had one for breakfast.

I better not be allergic to apples. Or else I’ll punch somebody. I practically live off of apples.

What are you all allergic to? What do you do when you have a reaction like this?

Well while I’m on a pity-party, CrossFit Mon-Wed was toughhh. Today is open gym – so I decided not to go just because I am breaking out so bad.

Monday’s WOD:

Skill WOD-
Max Reps- Rope Climbs
3 Rounds-1 min on, 1 min off

Max Reps- Dubs
3 Rounds-1 min on, 1 min off

WOD- For time.(75lbs)

Power Cleans
Shoulder to Overhead
Back Squats
Lateral OTB Burpees

Post total rope climbs and dubs on the Skill WOD, and time for WOD 2.

Tuesday’s WOD:

Strength WOD

10 minute EMOTM

3 position snatch- pull high hang Squat snatch (ground, knee level, hip level, squat snatch)

WOD – Nancy

5 Rounds for time

400 M Run

15 OHS (45lbs)

Wednesday’s WOD:

strength WOD

6 sets x2 reps- Hang Squat Clean *every two minutes increase weight to establish a 2 rep max.


4 minute AMRAP

6 chest 2 bar pull-ups

3 right/ 3 left DB Plank Rows

4 minute rest then repeat 4 minute WOD again starting where you left off.

And that’s why I cry.

Run on.

Bike Ride (Totally leisure. Nothing hardcore about it.. besides some  hills.)


CrossFit WOD:

Skill WOD-
Max Reps- Rope Climbs (10)
3 Rounds-1 min on, 1 min off

Max Reps- Dubs (112)
3 Rounds-1 min on, 1 min off

WOD- For time. (75lbs)

Power Cleans
Shoulder to Overhead
Back Squats
Lateral OTB Burpees

Today’s WOD was SO HARD. My arms were dead after the first 18 reps. I debated between going lighter than 75, or sticking with it. Finally I decided to suck it up and just do it.

I had to take a lot of breaks and set the bar down a lot. You know it sucks when the BURPEES are a relief. And I hate burpees.

So with my awfully hard time at CrossFit today (my first day back since wisdom teeth day), I give you the Advantages/ Disadvantages of not working out for a really long time. Or so it felt like.


1. Um… You get a lot of rest?


……. Yup.



1. You feel like poopey the next time you work out.

2. You get tired easily throughout the day / you have ZERO energy.

3. You eat more. Like, lots more. Ice cream daily.

4. You become weak. Lifting your dog is hard.

5. You have trouble sleeping at night.

6. You are bored because you don’t have CrossFit/Running in your life.

7. You watch channels in Spanish because there’s nothing on the English ones.

8. You spend way too much time on the internet. Doing absolutely nothing.

9. You play too much Candy Crush – but still get nowhere.

10. You see other people that you work out with in public and you feel guilty.

11. You have nothing to blog about, so you feel like a failure.

12. You have dreams about running/ CrossFit because THAT’S HOW MUCH YOU MISS IT.


So there you go, folks. I know it wasn’t necessarily my fault that I couldn’t go to CrossFit or go run, but these are still things I experience when I don’t workout/ exercise for a while.

My conclusion is to stay active every day. Doesn’t matter how you do it, just as long as you do something!

Run on.



Wisdom teeth are OUT.

I guess that makes me not as wise.

Fair warning, I’m drugged up right now, so this should be interesting.

I listened to Kelly Clarkson when they knocked me out. I remember waking up  a lot during the surgery. I didn’t know how to tell them, either. They had my eyes covered and my arms so I couldn’t really make any motion. He told me they kept having to feed through some drugs to me!

I don’t remember the ride home. I played Candy Crush thinking maybe I would get better, hahhahaha no. I’m still awful.

I think my mom videotaped me.. so I may be a YouTube sensation before you know it.

Got more drugs, went home.

I tried to eat some Greek Yogurt. I kept getting blood in it. Pretty attractive, I know.



I just tested my ABCs… forwards AND backwards. I’m pretty awesome, I know.

Keena is here. Say hello to the people Keena.


The gauze hurts.

My tongue is numb.

Ok. I’m sleepy. The Today’s Show is putting me to sleep. Good night.

Run on.

Another Triple Workout. Details are below!

WOD Indiana

Oh! And I was in today’s newspaper back home!


I’m finally famous!:)

Okay, actually I had to submit that… guilty.

I mentioned yesterday that I am in the search for a new Garmin Forerunner 610. I’ve always wanted a Garmin, or fancy device of some sort, but I have just never felt the need to spend the money. But with the amount of work I’m doing every day, I came to the conclusion that having a Garmin w/ a HR Monitor could really help me out. After we get my knee prob sorted out, it will also be awesome when I get back into my running!

I debated between something called a “Fitbit” and the Garmin. I asked my fellow DailyMilers what they thought.

Here are some of their replies that I found most useful:

“Garmin all the way…..nothing comes close. And Terri is right you can program workouts (interval training) into it and it’s like having your own coach with you tell you what to do when to do it…..and then record your results with perfect accuracy…or at least near perfect”

“The 610 is a killer running watch. It’s got all the bells and whistles- but you do pay for it. In looking at your recent activity, you are an all-around fitness person, cross-fit, running /cycling. If you’re not really into GPS tracking and the numbers, then you might have more fun with the fit bit. But- I’m a garmin guy. If you’re going to do serious run training, then the 610 is the bee’s knees.”

“I have a Garmin F10 I use for running. I also have a fitbit one that I wear all the time. I have the 2 synced via runkeeper and myfitnesspal. Garmin all the way for running but love my fitbit one for general daily activity/calorie burn monitoring.”

“You might want to check out the tips from DC Rainmaker, Good stuff … I may purchase a Garmin Edge 500 based on his recommendations — hopefully like new but used from Ebay/Craigslist.”

“Garmin… nuff said!”

… I don’t think my DM friends are biased at all! 😉

But they seriously helped out a ton!

The Garmin Forerunner 610 is a pretty tech-saavy watch.

It is touch screen, but very durable.

It has a virtual partner so you can see how you compare to a static pace you set.

Works as a personal trainer.

Tracks how many calories you burn/ HR.

Uploads to your computer wirelessly.

Has auto pause – based on the speed you are going.

GPS – it can help you navigate back your start – just in case you get lost 😉

Compatible with cycling.

Water resistant.

You can Customize your workouts.

It costs 400 smackaroonies. — downfall.

Also, the battery life only lasts 8 hours, but I won’t be wearing it as a wrist watch. Promise.

Would ya look at it? Just look at it.

Would ya look at it? Just look at it.


I’ll look like her when I wear it. That is THE future me. Pretty hott, I know.


Look. The watch is wet and HE DON’T CARE.


Run on.


Relay For Life:

8 hours of walking


3 Rounds:

1 Minute, as many reps as possible

-Wall Ball

-Sumo Deadlift to Chin

-Box Jumps

-Push Press

-Rows (calories)



After 3 rounds, I accomplished 200 reps!

Starting at 7pm last night was Relay For Life for Ford/Gray County Areas! Opening Ceremonies began at 7, my good friend Katie Smith sang for us! She’s a star. She will be famous one day, just you wait!

Introducing Katie Smith y'all! :)

Introducing Katie Smith y’all! 🙂

After the survivors introduced themselves, they kicked off the walking by walking the first lap and then all of the teams joined!

My Luminary I made for my Grandma. I love her and miss her very much.

My Luminary I made for my Grandma. I love her and miss her very much.

I walked from then on until midnight. I seriously needed a little break and to put my PRO Compression socks on. I wish I would’ve put them on before I got there, my legs were already swollen so it was a nightmare trying to get them on.

And then this is when I ZONKED out. I just know I went back out to walk an hour and a half later.

Walked for a bit, then they announced that there would be BINGO AND COFFEE. Holy moly. It made my life. Especially at 2-something in the morning.

Lela and I played for about an hour and didn’t win once. One girl won FIVE TIMES. She needed to be kicked out. At the end all of the people still playing got to choose from the remaining prizes. I got a jar thing and then Lela gave me her prize: a painting of an elephant! She knows me so well.

Losing hardcore. We decided we did not have the Bingo Gift. And that we were really bad luck.

Losing hardcore. We decided we did not have the Bingo Gift. And that we were really bad luck.

After we finished playing, I kept walking until 6! WHOO!

This was our baton. He was my BFF as I finished the last few hours for my team. His name was "Bill on a Stick." *Jeff Dunham reference!

This was our baton. He was my BFF as I finished the last few hours for my team. His name was “Bill on a Stick.” *Jeff Dunham reference!

We cleaned up SUPER FAST and then when I got home I ate a super nutritious breakfast (eggs, toast, fruit, greek yogurt), took a bath, some advil, then crashed out until 11!

I hung out until I got a text about a CrossFit workout at 1:45pm. I was feeling really good so I decided to go! I convinced Tot to go with me. He had never been to CrossFIT before, so the poor kid looked a little tired afterwards.

Oh wait. He is tired.

See? We are hanging out RIGHT NOW!

Poor baby.

Poor baby.

Now I’m off to go babysit the cutest kids in the world, Finn and Bode. I love them. Love love love.

Run on. Or in this Relay for Life case, Walk on.


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