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Ok. Don’t answer that.

But I am breaking out everywhere. On my face, chest, arms, tummy & legs. I dunno what is going on or what I’m allergic to, but it keeps getting worse!

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My brother and I think I may be allergic to alfalfa. He and Taylor have been unloading alfalfa, Keena has been playing in alfalfa – put two and two together.

But also, I noticed I started breaking out this morning after breakfast, and then again as I was catching up on Pretty Little Liars after finishing a gala apple – I also had one for breakfast.

I better not be allergic to apples. Or else I’ll punch somebody. I practically live off of apples.

What are you all allergic to? What do you do when you have a reaction like this?

Well while I’m on a pity-party, CrossFit Mon-Wed was toughhh. Today is open gym – so I decided not to go just because I am breaking out so bad.

Monday’s WOD:

Skill WOD-
Max Reps- Rope Climbs
3 Rounds-1 min on, 1 min off

Max Reps- Dubs
3 Rounds-1 min on, 1 min off

WOD- For time.(75lbs)

Power Cleans
Shoulder to Overhead
Back Squats
Lateral OTB Burpees

Post total rope climbs and dubs on the Skill WOD, and time for WOD 2.

Tuesday’s WOD:

Strength WOD

10 minute EMOTM

3 position snatch- pull high hang Squat snatch (ground, knee level, hip level, squat snatch)

WOD – Nancy

5 Rounds for time

400 M Run

15 OHS (45lbs)

Wednesday’s WOD:

strength WOD

6 sets x2 reps- Hang Squat Clean *every two minutes increase weight to establish a 2 rep max.


4 minute AMRAP

6 chest 2 bar pull-ups

3 right/ 3 left DB Plank Rows

4 minute rest then repeat 4 minute WOD again starting where you left off.

And that’s why I cry.

Run on.

Morning Run:



Holy-Moly-I’m-Gonna-Be-Sore-For-Days Workout

Afternoon Run:

7 mi

2 mi walk

Okay guys. I am SO sorry I have been vacant the past two days! Wednesday I wasn’t feeling good. AT ALL. Constrained-to-my-bed not feeling good. Thursday was cheer tryouts, so we were helping with that past 9 o’clock at night! So there honestly wasn’t any time to run!

Now that you have heard my lame excuses reasons as to why I couldn’t possibly go run, it is time to talk about TODAY. As you can see in the above daily workout section, it was quite the workout day for me.

On Wednesday night, I got some really awesome pink Brooks PureFlow shoes!




I have people ask me all the time, “How many pairs of running shoes do you have?!”

Well, I have a TON. But I only rotate between my three pairs of Brooks! I’m in love. 🙂

This morning was the first time I got to run in them! I ran with Lela on the running path and we chatted it out as best friends do!

Good ol' carpet running path.

Good ol’ carpet running path.

Before I even went into weights, I was warned the weights was awful and I was going to die. I think I’m still doing ok. Breathing, at least.

We started out with our warmup. Then we did a 10 minute jog/stride tempo run. Easy peasy. That was my favorite part! Other kids looked like they wanted to punch coach in the face.

When we got back in the weight room, we went on 60 second buzzers with 30 second rest buzzers. On platforms we did 60 second, 1/2 max weight, max rep intervals for front squat. If you weren’t squatting it out, you had to go do agility ladders. Which I am awful at because I have zero coordination.

In racks, we were doing the same thing but with bench press. We didn’t do the agility ladders during bench!

I didn’t think it was awful, although I was drenched in sweat by the time we were done!

Gotta watch some March Madness during class… pretty awesome.

Fast-forward to tonight’s run.

Before I left the house, I opened a new package of PRO Compression socks! Purple and lime green. So legit!

PRO Compression! #KeepItTight

PRO Compression! #KeepItTight


I went to Miranda’s house and picked her up! She is my brother’s girlfriend/ my running partner.

She had my brother’s dog (who got sprayed by a skunk last night. EW.) and I had Keena Marie!

As we were running our 7, the dogs thought it would be fun to keep trading places so the leashes were criss-crossed! Example from my point of view:

Pretty great. Photobomb by Mir!

Pretty great. Photobomb by Mir!

View from Miranda's phone! Photobomb by me!

View from Miranda’s phone! Photobomb by me!

And then we got the brilliant idea to take pictures of each other while running…

Aw she's just so purrdy.

Aw she’s just so purrdy.

View from Mirda's phone.. I'm not so purrdy.

View from Mirda’s phone.. I’m not so purrdy.

As we ran we talked our little hearts out and just couldn’t get over how beautiful it was outside!

Oh, did I mention we are going to get 3-5 inches of SNOW tomorrow?! That would be Kansas for you.

We will be treadmillin’ it up tomorrow it looks like!

Keena is relieved. That mean's she doesn't have to do anything!

Keena is relieved. That mean’s she doesn’t have to do anything.


I am currently hanging out with my chipmunk faced boyfriend. He had his wisdom teeth taken out today, and I have a few pictures I COULD post on here of his chubby cheeks… but I have a feeling that if I did that, I wouldn’t have a boy that’s my friend anymore. And I kinda like this one. A tad. You know, only been together for 3.5 years. Or something.

But I will post this picture of him…

He's playing video game while I blog. Very romantic.

He’s playing video game while I blog. Very romantic.

He’s playing online with a bunch of people who have really big potty mouths. I don’t like it. Don’t worry, mom, he’s not the one who needs his mouth washed out with soap!

Okay, I hope my workout-filled day makes up for the two days I missed! Also, I won’t be posting a Photobomb Friday this week! There’s a lot of Fridays, and there are only so many photobombs I can post!

Well, see you guys tomorrow!

Run on.






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