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Bike Ride (Totally leisure. Nothing hardcore about it.. besides some  hills.)


CrossFit WOD:

Skill WOD-
Max Reps- Rope Climbs (10)
3 Rounds-1 min on, 1 min off

Max Reps- Dubs (112)
3 Rounds-1 min on, 1 min off

WOD- For time. (75lbs)

Power Cleans
Shoulder to Overhead
Back Squats
Lateral OTB Burpees

Today’s WOD was SO HARD. My arms were dead after the first 18 reps. I debated between going lighter than 75, or sticking with it. Finally I decided to suck it up and just do it.

I had to take a lot of breaks and set the bar down a lot. You know it sucks when the BURPEES are a relief. And I hate burpees.

So with my awfully hard time at CrossFit today (my first day back since wisdom teeth day), I give you the Advantages/ Disadvantages of not working out for a really long time. Or so it felt like.


1. Um… You get a lot of rest?


……. Yup.



1. You feel like poopey the next time you work out.

2. You get tired easily throughout the day / you have ZERO energy.

3. You eat more. Like, lots more. Ice cream daily.

4. You become weak. Lifting your dog is hard.

5. You have trouble sleeping at night.

6. You are bored because you don’t have CrossFit/Running in your life.

7. You watch channels in Spanish because there’s nothing on the English ones.

8. You spend way too much time on the internet. Doing absolutely nothing.

9. You play too much Candy Crush – but still get nowhere.

10. You see other people that you work out with in public and you feel guilty.

11. You have nothing to blog about, so you feel like a failure.

12. You have dreams about running/ CrossFit because THAT’S HOW MUCH YOU MISS IT.


So there you go, folks. I know it wasn’t necessarily my fault that I couldn’t go to CrossFit or go run, but these are still things I experience when I don’t workout/ exercise for a while.

My conclusion is to stay active every day. Doesn’t matter how you do it, just as long as you do something!

Run on.



Running Track:

2.5 miles… ish? Good leg stretcher after yesterday!


So after yesterday’s post and the feedback I have been getting from you guys, you all seemed to really enjoy my suffering.

You guys are sick.

But it’s okay I guess. I love you anyways.

I always put my blog post on DailyMile every day. If you don’t know what DM is, it’s like Facebook for athletes. Pretty awesome.

So when I posted my blog from yesterday, here is some feedback I got.

“Live and learn Rebekah! The trick is to learn. 🙂 Great job getting in a long run and a nice pace, even with the odd gait caused by the … let’s call it the skirt issue. I think the skirt is fine for you if you use body glide, anti-friction stick, the chaffing won’t be a problem. I use Chamois Butt’r for cycling. In my running days, good old vaseline did the trick.”


“You’re funny!! Awesome long run, considering all the “issues” you had today. Maybe some short spandex shorts under that skirt will help? I should know…I have no gap either ;)”


“I’ve made some of those myself. Glad I’m not the only one! Sorry but I did have a laugh at your expense! On a positive note…good job getting those miles in!”


“You were just being efficient Bekah, getting all of those oversights behind you in a single run … you’re an overachiever! Sweet miles …”




Ah.. I love DailyMile. You know you’re in the right place when you share common mistakes with people, who understand your pain, but can still laugh at you at the same time.

So in order to celebrate my mistake filled run yesterday, and all of the lessons I have learned, I got my self a nice sugary snow cone.

Tiger's Blood and Silver Fox!

Tiger’s Blood and Silver Fox!

Most people would say, “You shouldn’t reward yourself with food/ sugars! You’re not a dog!” To that I say, “Woof!”

I think they’re just jealous.

Also, another thing to be jealous of is my freshly shaved cat, Shadow. She is still kind of drugged, so she was actually loving me a few minutes ago… what?!

Meet a drugged Shadow.

Meet a drugged Shadow.

Now here’s something that you probably shouldn’t be jealous of… sunburn.

Boo me.

Boo me.

Ok. Well I’m going to go put more medicine on my burn and try not to cry.

Run on.



Road Run:

10 miles – 1:30 – 9:00 pace

Weekly Mileage:

41 miles

So guess what…




So today I hung out around my house and ate everything in the pantry while I waited for it to warm up and for some snow to melt.

I had some company while I waited.

I had some company while I waited.

Before I left, I got to witness the making of another dog. Levi and Miranda were brushing Maggie.. and you see that huge pile right there? Hair. Fantastic.

Before I left, I got to witness the making of another dog. Levi and Miranda were brushing Maggie.. and you see that huge pile right there? Hair. AKA our new dog. Fantastic.

When I hit the road, it was a whooping 25 degrees outside with a fairly strong North wind. Remember, North winds are coooold. I’m pretty sure my face almost froze off.

The roads and sidewalks around town were really slick, sloshy, and snowy in places. Almost face planted it a few times… good thing I have catlike reflexes… not.

On the bright side, if my feet ever got hot and sweaty, there would be some kind of sloshy puddle nearby I could just run through and BAM… problem solved! Although I never wanted to do that. My feet were FROZEN. Keena had no problem with running through the snow though. She LOVES it.


Keena bounding through snow drifts as big as her.

Keena bounding through snow drifts as big as her.

We got home and Keena almost died.

See? She's dying.

See? Barely holding on.

The run really was a toughie. Just cold and bitter. Not so fun.

My outfit I ran in was fun though! Many colors!

Even color coordinated... hah. Not.

Even color coordinated… hah. Not.

Nice new PRO Compression and soaking wet shoes!

Nice new PRO Compression and soaking wet shoes!

If anybody ever needs to know what to wear, contact me. I obviously have an eye for some good fashion. Since most of my closet consists of running clothes… no shame.

I worked on and filled out my recommitment forms for Team in Training! Don’t forget, my Full Marathon is in San Diego on June 2nd! Rock n’ Roll baby!

My Half Marathon is a little less than 3 weeks away in Abilene, Kansas. I might pee my pants. I’m so excited!

Now I’m finally in some dry clothes, enjoying a some apple slices and peanut butter! SO GOOD.

Nom nom nom.

Nom nom nom.

I hope everyone got the chance to stay nice and dry today! From the sounds of it, quite a few places got hit with snow! YUCK.

No matter the conditions…

Run on.


Running Track: 6.25mi – 55min – 8:48 pace

Weights: Leg Day

5×10,x8,x5,x3,x2 BB Front Squat ending in max weight

5×3,x3,x3,x2,x1 BB Power Clean (from ground) + Split Jerk, ending in max weight

3×10 Overhead Plate Pause Squat

3×10 Romanian Dead Lift w/ Shrug

3×10 BB Front Lunges

3×10 DB Step-ups

3×10 Hamstring Blowouts

3x Overhead Walking Lunges

3×10 Overhead Squat

3×10 Reverse Grip Lat Pulls

After SIX days worth of being trapped inside my house with nothing better to do but watch TV, sleep, cook, and workout, I finally HAD to shower and look appropriate for going out in public. Although I wore sweatpants all day today… Hey, it’s better than my stylish pink snuggie I’ve been strutting around my house in.

I made it to the running track that goes around the gym at my usual time. I got a good run in with my best friend Lela! I love having someone to run with and who understands my crazy!

Surprise for everyone: I was asked today how I got my hair so perfect every day… Uh… A crap-ton of hairspray, bobby pins, and a lack of time?

Whatever. It made me feel accomplished about something in life.

My "perfect" hair...?

My “perfect” hair…?

For some odd reason, my weights coach claims that all we students did the past 6 days of snow-fantasticness is sit on our behinds and eat cookies. Although that is half of the truth, I would beg to differ about the other half. (See yesterday’s blog post, for instance.)

And so, he decided to bump up our reps and weight on the core lifts (squat and clean w/ split jerk). So if you see me waddling around like penguin tomorrow, you will know why.

Y'all know you wanted a penguin picture.

And lastly, I am going to brag about PRO Compression. They are serious miracle workers. I’ve had BAD knee pain while running the past few months and have had to wear a brace. It seems like ever since I started wearing these socks, the pain has diminished. Cray cray, right?!

Talking about those socks made me remember… I need to go wash those bad boys… I only have two pairs…

Question for the day: Would anyone like to buy me more PRO Compression socks?

PS: CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO! I thought it was funny… But then again I think most things are funny.

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