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Holy moly guys. How long has it been since I’ve last blogged? Almost 2 weeks?

Not acceptable.

I have SO MANY awesome things to tell you, but I’m going to span the excited news out over the next few days… builds suspense and whatever.

So the first bit of exciting news is for all of my Kansas State University fans!

I currently have a Football signed by the prestigious Bill Snyder, a Basketball signed by the awesome Bruce Weber, and a Baseball signed by the amazing Brad Hill!

ALL proceeds go the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!

Tickets are:

1 Ticket = $5

5 Tickets = $20

15 Tickets = $50

30 Tickets = $100


Click HERE to go to the Facebook event.

And click HERE to go to my fundraising page and ENTER INTO THE CHANCE DRAWING!

Here’s a special deal that only my readers will know about.

If you enter the chance drawing with 5 tickets or more and also comment on this blog post (click on the dialogue bubble to the left to leave a comment) with your favorite sport – you will get two extra entries!

But remember, you MUST have already entered the drawing with 5 tickets or more in order to receive the two extra entries!

I will stop accepting entries on September 1st at 11:59pm. The winner will be drawn on September 2nd!

If you’re NOT a K-State fan (which I don’t see why not… EMAW), please SHARE the Facebook event with people who are! Remember – no matter how many entries you get, you are still helping save lives!




Run on.



5 rounds for time

12 KB Swings 20lbs

9 Toes to Bar

6 Shoulder to overhead 55lbs

200 Meter Run

Midline WOD:

7 Minute As Many Reps As Possible (AMRAP)

50 meters KB overhead waiter walk 20lbs

60 second weighted Plank Hold 10lbs


Okay, y’all. This weekend I went to Kansas State University to enroll! I’ve been waiting to write about it because I didn’t have very many pictures. I still don’t, but I have more than I did on Monday!

It felt exactly like summer camp. I enrolled Friday morning/afternoon and by Friday night we were already busy. We met with our small group counselors and other Freshmen that were apart of our team. We were called “Seaton Tie.” Okay. So a building on campus (the architecture building) is called “Seaton Hall.” So if you think about it it… “…as long as I got my seaton tie…” Get it?

From 5pm on Friday to noon on Sunday, we were BUSY. Constantly going. We were walking all around campus/ aggieville, playing games, and sitting in presentations. So basically information overload.

Here is a nice little slide show!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall, it was a GREAT weekend! I miss all my new friends already.

If you’re a Wildcat fan, or not, whenever you tweet about the Cats being AWESOME, tweet #BoomCatsMeow.

My counselor really wants to get it trending.

So do it.

Run on.

Running Track:

3.5 mi


Holy Moly my life is like a landslide right now!

Last night I want to the KSU Catbackers Banquet from 6-9. LONGEST BANQUET EVER. It was pretty awesome though, because my name was drawn as a winner of a $500 Scholarship! I also got to listen to K-State’s Women’s Basketball Coach, the Men’s Basketball Coach, the Offensive Line Football Coach, and one basketball player speak! They were very enthusiastic and you could just tell that they LOVED K-State and the people they got to work with.

That’s why I love K-State; everyone is really friendly and loving to one another. When I went on a college visit to KSU my Junior AND Senior year, everyone on campus smiled and/ or said hi to me! I felt like I belonged.

Graduation is THIS Saturday. What? Where did the time go? I’m a master procrastinator, so this really sneaked up on me. I feel like I have a MILLION things to do still… I still need a dress to graduate in.

Wednesday night is Senior Movie Night and Thursday night is the Senior Camp-Out. I will have no posts on either of these days.

What I have been doing with my life every day after school:

I’ve been preparing gifts for people, digging out pictures of me out of tons and tons of tubs/ albums, preparing memory boards, getting my senior album together, getting food ready, and making sure I invite everyone that has been in my life in some way/ shape/ or form to my party.

So hey, if you’re reading this and want to come to my graduation party, get ahold of me and I will give you the details! Everyone is welcome!

I read this somewhere today:

“High School is like a plane ride. You get on and at first it’s kind of scary and exciting. But somewhere in the middle you get bored and fall asleep. At the end, you wake up and wonder how your ride could be over so fast.”

It’s strange to me that my ride is over.

It’s weird talking about college.

It’s odd I won’t be going back to DCHS next year.

I feels like yesterday I was trying out for cheerleading and drill team at the high school and making it my 8th grade year, being accepted as a TOC Girl my sophomore year, becoming a KSHSAA Rep my junior year, and finally becoming a cheerleading and drill team captain my senior year.

Sure there are TONS of memories in-between, but sometimes there are events in your life that make a huge impact on you. Accomplishments you will forever be proud of.

I am ready for the future I have planned, I am ready for the mistakes I will make, and I am ready to see what will happen in the next chapter of my life.

I want to thank everyone who has helped me throughout the years. I love you all so much… and you’re invited to my graduation party.

Ha. Sorry. I needed to lighten the moment.

Run on.


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