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Strength WOD- 6 UB Rounds Every 2min

1 Push Press
1 Push Jerk
1 Split Jerk

WOD- 8min AMRAP (3rds)

12 Shoulder to Overhead (135, 95)
12 Alternating DB Snatches (70, 50)
12 Calorie Row

Rest 2min, then…

4min AMRAP- Max L-Sit Hold (155 Sec)


As you may have read from yesterday’s post, today I am going to share the “secrets” of learning how to live a healthier life, and how to become a healthier you.

The media is all jumbled up these days with all of this crap that celebrities do to lose weight or stay in shape, or some doctor from who knows where created this dietary supplement that makes you shed 10 pounds within one week. (No lie, I was listening to the radio last night and an AD came on stating that if you took this pill for a week, you automatically dropped 10… Lies.)

Here is my very basic list of how to get in shape and become HEALTHY. 

1. Don’t trust everything you read. Heck, if you don’t want to, don’t trust this.

2. Eat WELL.

– Start packing your lunch every day instead of going to eat fast food. There, I just saved you about 300 calories. You’re welcome.

EAT BREAKFAST. You should get about 50% of your caloric intake JUST from breakfast alone. So to all of you people saying, “I’m not a breakfast eater,” find something you like. Do it now.

– Stay more towards the natural side of things. I’m not saying everything you eat needs to be organic, but cut out how often you eat from a package.

– Carbs aren’t all bad. You need complex carbohydrates in your diet. Whole grains, fruits, legumes, & veggies are all complex carbs. Stay away from simple carbs like sweets, products containing white flour, dairy (try Greek yogurt, it cuts the sugar in half and doubles the protein) & sugary drinks.

– Just eat. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like food. The trick is to eat things that are good for you. It’s okay to break the cycle every once in a while with something sugary and sweet. Heck, I do it all the time. But I find it best when I eat something every 2 hours. That way I don’t feel bloated, but stay full all day.

3. Exercise.

– Now, while diet is a HUGE factor in being healthy, so is being active. If you notice, I usually only take one day off out of the week to rest. Other than that, I’m pretty active. I’m not saying you have to go out and run 10 miles or do insane workouts at CrossFIT, but get ACTIVE. How many healthy people do you know that seem to be the healthiest people alive just from sitting around all day? NONE. Get out there! Or… Stay at home.

– Join a gym. this might motivate you to go because hey, you’re spending the money on it, might as well use it.

– Ask for help in training. For instance: if I were to just waltz into a gym, I wouldn’t know where to go or what to work out. But when you have a training schedule set up by a trainer, you know exactly where to go and how many reps to do or how many miles to run.

– Don’t be scared of weight lifting. Seriously. It reevs up your metabolism and creates the after-burn effect (the burning of calories up to 14 hours post-workout.)

– Don’t be scared of cardio, fellas. Yes, I’m talking to you weight-lifting-only guys.

– Do SOMETHING. Swim. Ride a bike. Walk. Dance. Something. Forreal.

4. Drink water. And LOTS of it.

– Keeps your metabolism going.

– Flushes out toxins.

– Keeps your organs running effectively.

– Helps you get super beautiful skin.

– Need I go on? So just DRINK IT.

5. Baby steps.

– Don’t worry if you don’t look like a super model in one week. Seriously.

– Like momma said, “All great things take time.”


So here is my short list of how to become a HEALTHIER you. So stop worrying about the gimmicks multi-media portrays to you. Do it right, and you’ll look like the in no time at all.

Run on.

PS- Make sure you check out my TNT tab at the top of the page! I am training for my second season with Team in Training, and I need your help! I’m in the making of planning some awesome fundraisers. Stay posted!

Treadmill at Hotel:

3 miles

One word for that run. YUCK.

I don’t know what it was exactly, but I just wasn’t feelin’ it. I was texting my best friend Lela after the run, and she said her run that morning wasn’t that great either, and when I went to my meeting today, Mr. Cherry (Assistance Executive Director for KSHSAA) said his 4 mile run this morning was bad too!

I tried moving over to an elliptical, but that didn’t feel good at all.

Did anyone else have a bad run?

After my yucky run, I had plenty of time to hang out at the hotel and get ready for my all day meeting starting at 10 and ending around 2:30-3.

Now you ask, “She’s in high school. Why is she at a meeting in Topeka with the Kansas State High School Activities Association? She’s too young to be going to meetings!”

Well, random citizen, I am a member of the Student Advisory Team. I was chosen out of all of the 6A Schools in Kansas my sophomore year to come to these meetings and represent the rest of the 6A Schools in Kansas. What I do at these meetings is provide input from a student’s point of view on things happening in our schools with athletics/ activities.

Like for example, one thing we talked about today was that there is a bill that is trying to be passed to let a single parent from each school in every town be a representative of that school at meetings, to vote on things, etc. These parents would have as much say in matters as the Principal or AD of a school. Here’s the thing. Most parents in Kansas think KSHSAA is running a dictatorship. Uh… No. They want this bill to pass because they think that KSHSAA is “out of touch” with students, unlike parents.

Well, let me ask you kind folks that if KSHSAA was “out of touch” with students, then why the heck have they been having a team of students from all over the state come to KSHSAA’s office twice a year to talk to them about what they like/ dislike for over 16 years?

Totally out of touch.

I’m very against this bill. I trust KSHSAA, and I know for a fact that most parents would be single-minded and not want to listen to anything KSHSAA says or is trying to work for. Just to be honest.

Okay. Now you know a tiny bit about what goes on. They ask us our honest opinions and we agree to disagree on things between us students. They just want to know what life is like from our point of view.

So the rest of today’s post is pictures! YAY!


Yummy Chicken and Fruit Salad from Chick-fil-A! I loved this place! It was so clean and fresh!

Yummy Chicken and Fruit Salad from Chick-fil-A! I loved this place! It was so clean and fresh!

Got a new mini running water bottle! Yay!

Got a new mini running water bottle! Yay!

New PureCadence2 shoes. Picked out with the help of Tamie!

New PureCadence2 shoes. Picked out with the help of Tamie!

Before this morning's run on the TM! Got some Sports Center on!... Well... Before I changed it to NCIS.

Before this morning’s run on the TM! Got some Sports Center on!… Well… Before I changed it to NCIS.

After the 3 miles with a yucky-sweaty face.

After the 3 miles with a yucky-sweaty face.

Probably the first time I've worn something other than running gear in like... a month.

Probably the first time I’ve worn something other than running gear in like… 2 weeks.

I received a pretty neat plaque from being a member for the past two years!

I received a pretty neat plaque from being a member for the past two years!

Getting the award from Mr. Cherry. Probably one of the coolest people I know.

Getting the award from Mr. Cherry. Probably one of the coolest people I know.

I hope you guys had a great Wednesday!

Tomorrow I will be on the road once again! I will be leaving for Utah to go watch my dad and brother race! I’ll post a lot of neat pictures, I promise! But the race isn’t until Saturday, so you’ll have to stay with me! 😉

Run on.



Running Track:

4.5 mi

Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown:

30 minutes

Ran round and round on the running track with Lela. We both endured through a case of side stitch and the Monday’s.

My PRO Compression today along with my PureFlow Brooks Running shoes!

My PRO Compression today along with my PureFlow Brooks Running shoes!

Today, after a talk with Lela about water and metabolism rates, I just had to research other things that helped raise metabolism. Besides the normal exercise/ healthy diet, I found some tips to help boost metabolism!

Here is the list I came up with:

1. Never ever EVER diet. Skipping meals and or starving yourself drops your metabolism like CRAY-CRAY. When you do not eat, your body goes into starvation mode, so it holds on to every last bit of energy storage because it believes it will not have another serving of energy (food) for a while! If you continue to go through a crash diet, your body will soon begin burning your muscle tissue. NOT GOOD.

2. Just go to bed earlier. Forreal. Your phone and all of it’s messages/ apps will still be there tomorrow.

3. Eat protein! Your body needs protein to create/ maintain lean muscle. You should consume between 0.8 – 1.0 grams of protein per lb of body weight!

Bought myself some more protein!

Bought myself some more protein!

For all my vegan/ vegetarian friends, there are many MANY other ways to get protein besides through meat! Seriously. Research your options! You need it in order to get strong!

4. Go organic every once in a while. Studies show that the pesticides/ toxins can interfere with the energy-burning process, which can lead to weight gain.

My organics that I bought today.

My organics that I bought today.

5. Stand up every once in awhile. Research shows that inactivity (for 4 or more hours) can completely shut down the enzyme that controls your metabolic cholesterol/ fat. GET UP!

6. Drink cold water. I’m not quite sure why this is a fact, but researchers found  that drinking 6 cups of cold water a day can burn an extra 50 calories per day. Not much, but hey, it’s better than nothing!

7. Eat spicy! When you eat spicy foods, your fight-or-flight instincts kick in. Thus, revving up your metabolism for a short period of time!

8. Eat breakfast. I don’t see why you would skip this yummy meal anyways. If you skip breakfast, you are 4.5 times as likely to become obese. I personally love eggs in the morning. The protein from the eggs keeps me full longer. Since I do most of my workouts in the morning, I don’t experience an energy crash in the middle of my exercise thanks to breakfast/ protein.

9. Drink coffee or tea. Why? Caffeine! Caffeine works as a central nervous system stimulant. So your good ol’ cup of joe can bump your metabolism up 5-8%!

10. Fiber. Yo. 25g per day, and you could boost up that metabolism up to 30%!

11. Eat iron-rich foods. Iron is essential because it aides in carrying oxygen around in your blood. Kind of important. No iron, slow metabolism!

12. Dairy! Calcium deficiency can lower your metabolism. So get in some dairy through low fat milk and yogurt!

13. Watermelon watermelon watermelon. Amino acid arginine is found abundantly in watermelon. A study by the Journal of Nutrition used obese mice in which they supplemented arginine to over a 3 month period and found that their body-fat decreased by a whooping 64%! I’m not saying we’re mice, but hey… if it worked for them, ya never know… It might work for us as well!

I sure hope it contains watermelon....

I sure hope it contains watermelon….

14. H2O. All of the chemical reactions that happen in your body depends on water. Your metabolism, the rate at which your body burns energy, is a chemical reaction. So it only makes sense that drinking more water will speed up your metabolism! I’ve drank my full 8 glasses of water today… have you?

And this is where my list ends. I seriously researched the topic, and then went to the grocery store!

I hope you use these tips!!

Goooooo metabolism!

Run on.

Running Track:

3.5 mi

Treadmill (Walking):

3 mi

Happy Two-a-Day Twosday! Or as I like to call it, Twosday!

So today I had TWO Twosdays! I have gotten in miles today twice and have had two cheer tryout practices today! Guess who’s sore?!


So on this lovely Twosday, I went to cheer this morning at about 6:15. I’m not a morning person. So I am sorry if I got cranky with anyone. All I wanted to do was crawl into bed and die for a few more hours… but then wake up and be okay and happy.

I tried to put on my excited face on for school. Yeah, so didn’t happen. My case of senioritis is getting horrible. Not motivation. At all…. the struggle.

I guess it’s a good thing that I get to go home straight after school! Hello Keena, nap time, and food!

Before cheer practice numero dos, I went to the running track in the gym to run a few laps.

Oh, but did I mention it was IMPOSSIBLE to get into the school? Because it was. Every. Single. Door. was locked. Even the ones that are supposed to be unlocked. So I drove around the school, parked  by every single door, got out and walked to the door just to find out it was locked. Grr.

Luckily it pays to know some peeps and one of the sweetest coaches/ teachers at the school unlocked a door! Thank you thank you thank you!

That run… oh my yuck. I didn’t wear my PRO Compression socks while running yesterday and I didn’t wear them again this morning during Drill Team when we were working on a kick routine… So my calves were unbelievably sore. I struggled. Hardcore.

Cheer was great! The girls are really working their butts off. They hate me for making the dance so hard. Ah well. They’re good!

All of the girls who haven’t seen me in my PRO Compression gave me funny looks when I came strutting in with some bright pink, knee high socks.

Yeah Buddy, rollin' like a big-shot.

Yeah Buddy, rollin’ like a big-shot.

Ah well. I still worked it… LIKE A BOSS.

I got home and walked on the TM cause my legs hate me right now. So I still count that as a Two-A-Day… Although technically it’s not running.

Does anyone watch Pretty Little Liars?! Cause I’m watching it right now and I’m all like…



…Pearl and I are currently discussing it through Snap Chat. Cause we’re cool like that. Word up.

Okay. My mind is tired. I think I’ll watch PLL and cry.

Run on.


Running Track/ Roads:



Leg Day!


Happy Monday, y’all!

Guess who is super duper sore today?! … THIS GIRL!

But no matter how sore I am, I pulled up my big girl panties and ran. Weights wasn’t that hard, so I’m not gonna act like I almost died in weights but endured through. Because it’s nothing like that.

This week is the high school’s cheerleading tryouts! Whoo! After six years of being the one trying out (MS included), I’m glad this year I just get to teach the try-out material and watch. So much better.

In case you’ve never tried out to be a cheerleader, you would have no idea as to what I’m saying when I say that it is the most scary, nerve-wracking experience… ever. Sure, I can go out in front of a thousand people and speak, dance, or be lifted into the air by 3 people with ease, no big deal. But when it comes to cheerleading tryouts and you are in front of 4 maybe 5 judges… Oh man. Makes you wanna pee your pants.. No joke.

So I feel kinda bad for the girls trying out this year. Paige and I made the dance a tad hard. Gonna blow some little freshmen brains. Mwhahaha.

Okay. That sounded mean. But it must be done.

Tonight as I set out down my dirt road with Keena, she decided to run in front of me. I accidentally stepped on her paw and she TUMBLED in front of me. I almost stepped on her again! I am one sorry mama.

Her pitiful face when we got home:

Poor baby.

Poor baby.


Also, as we were out running, we stopped and said hi to my friends Perlita and Vivi who were also out running! I am so proud!

One last thing…

This really ticked me off.

So me and little miss Keena are out running along… happy happy happy.

Ok. This little white car came speeding along towards us and seriously TURNS into us and ALMOST hits us. I may have threw up my arms and yelled to them, “MOVE!”

I was mad. Real mad. It wasn’t dark out. I was wearing a BRIGHT PINK shirt and shoes. They couldn’t have NOT seen us.

I don’t care if I actually knew the person driving. I didn’t see who it was. We could’ve been BFFs for years. I don’t care. But almost hitting us is NOT okay. Keena could have ran in front of their car and guess who would have probably thrown some punches? This girl.

Advice: Do not be an idiotic driver. I will punch you.

Okay. Deep breaths.

Right now we are watching the Biggest Loser Finale! My favorite is Danni. I love love love her. By the way, she looks smokin’ right now.

And guess what?

SHE WON. Whabam.

I hope some day you watch the Biggest Loser because it is seriously inspiring.

Okay. I love you guys.

Run on.

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