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“The Seven”

Seven Rounds for Time 

7 HandStand Pushups
7 Thrusters
7 Knees to Elbows
7 Dead Lifts
7 Burpees
7 KB Swings
7 Pull Ups

Okay. I need some feedback on this, but I feel like a lot of people in my gym feel like I’m cheating somehow by skipping reps or not going as full out as I can. I get done with workouts fast, well, like 3-5 minutes faster than most people. I feel like it’s because since I am a distance runner, I understand the concept of keeping a “constant pace,” so I don’t take breaks, and when I do they are only for 5-10 seconds. So with today’s workout, I was keeping a solid 3 minutes per round pace. I made sure to keep time with the clock. But when I finished, I got all sorts of crazy looks from people. I’m not a cheater, I swear on it! How in the world do I fix this?

And yes, your feedback is required.

Tomorrow I will be writing a special post for all of you confused by the fitness world and by what people say is the right thing to do to lost weight and get in shape. There is SO MUCH jumble in the media on how to get rid of unnecessary weight. I read articles in newspapers and think, “This is a bunch of crap.”

Now I’m not saying what I tell you tomorrow is PhD approved before I post it, but it’s what I understand and what I know is for a fact.

So, again, feedback and…

Run on.

Running Track:

4.5 mi


15min Tempo Run – 1 min walk, 30 sec stride

5×10 DB Goblet Single Leg Squat

2×5,3×3 Olympic Clean and Push Press

3×10 DB Goblet Split Squat

3×10 Overhead Plate Pause Squat

3x MB Walking Lunges

3×10 BB Reverse Lunges

Hey all! No topic today. I am feeling better, but today has been busy between running errands, a chiropractor appointment, and making delicious chocolate chip cookies!

So I am just going to remind you that I will stop accepting any entrants into my PRO Compression Giveaway tonight at 11:59 central time! You have 3.5 hrs left, I suggest you enter!

How to enter:

1. “Like” one of my pages. 

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I told you a few weeks ago that I might post up my essay I had to write for KSHSAA, so here it is! I wasn’t going to post it, but I figured you guys were use to my crappy writing, so hey, I have nothing to lose!

This essay is about the benefits of participating in school activities. They didn’t ask us to use personal experiences, but I did. I feel like personal experiences give an essay character. Without that voice of the writer, the essay is bland and no one wants to read it.

Excuse any grammatical errors, but here it is!

     School. Not necessarily something every teenager loves.  Sometimes getting a teen to go to school and actually be willing to work hard is a struggle. But one way to get them to school and actually stay there until they graduate is by getting them involved in a school activity or athletic program. From there they will find a sense of belonging and accomplishment.

When I became a middle school student, I became involved in school activities and athletics. From music to basketball (yes, somehow my uncoordinated self managed to shoot a basket every now and then), I was involved in everything I could possibly be involved in. But that was middle school. I couldn’t do everything I once did when I enrolled into a high school that had many, MANY more activities than where I went to middle school. This is how and when I truly found myself.

I became a member of the drill team and a varsity cheerleader my freshman year, an honor something not a lot of freshmen received over the years. Right away I was accepted as a contributing team member. I fell in love with the thought of having a group of people to hang out with every day after school while doing something I loved. This is why I am a strong believer in school activities and sports. They give students a place of belonging.

My sophomore year I tried out for the track team. Granted I did not try out for track because I loved it, I was just doing it to hang out with my friends who convinced me to go out. I recall that the very first day of practice we did the alpine mile and I somehow managed to stay up at the front with all of the faster guys. As I ran up a flight of stairs past one of my running coaches, I tripped. That’s right. Fell flat on my face. He just said to me, “Wow. That Shirley girl sure can run, but she might need some help learning how to go up stairs.” Did I mention I was uncoordinated?

Anyhow, that comment seemed to really hook me into running. Just the fact that he said I could run, gave me a sense of accomplishment. Ever since that day I have been working hard on improving my running. Even signing up for a half-marathon and full marathon this year, training with and fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This would not be happening if it wasn’t for that little comment, even if it was sarcastic, from my running coach.

Now although I may not love school and may be suffering from a slight case of senioritis, I still look forward to going to school just so I can practice after the school day concludes. When a student is involved, they find their true identities and feel a sense of achievement and belonging.  Through my own personal experiences with school activities and athletics, I have found my second family and a place where I know I can contribute.


Run on.

Running Track/ Roads:



Leg Day!


Happy Monday, y’all!

Guess who is super duper sore today?! … THIS GIRL!

But no matter how sore I am, I pulled up my big girl panties and ran. Weights wasn’t that hard, so I’m not gonna act like I almost died in weights but endured through. Because it’s nothing like that.

This week is the high school’s cheerleading tryouts! Whoo! After six years of being the one trying out (MS included), I’m glad this year I just get to teach the try-out material and watch. So much better.

In case you’ve never tried out to be a cheerleader, you would have no idea as to what I’m saying when I say that it is the most scary, nerve-wracking experience… ever. Sure, I can go out in front of a thousand people and speak, dance, or be lifted into the air by 3 people with ease, no big deal. But when it comes to cheerleading tryouts and you are in front of 4 maybe 5 judges… Oh man. Makes you wanna pee your pants.. No joke.

So I feel kinda bad for the girls trying out this year. Paige and I made the dance a tad hard. Gonna blow some little freshmen brains. Mwhahaha.

Okay. That sounded mean. But it must be done.

Tonight as I set out down my dirt road with Keena, she decided to run in front of me. I accidentally stepped on her paw and she TUMBLED in front of me. I almost stepped on her again! I am one sorry mama.

Her pitiful face when we got home:

Poor baby.

Poor baby.


Also, as we were out running, we stopped and said hi to my friends Perlita and Vivi who were also out running! I am so proud!

One last thing…

This really ticked me off.

So me and little miss Keena are out running along… happy happy happy.

Ok. This little white car came speeding along towards us and seriously TURNS into us and ALMOST hits us. I may have threw up my arms and yelled to them, “MOVE!”

I was mad. Real mad. It wasn’t dark out. I was wearing a BRIGHT PINK shirt and shoes. They couldn’t have NOT seen us.

I don’t care if I actually knew the person driving. I didn’t see who it was. We could’ve been BFFs for years. I don’t care. But almost hitting us is NOT okay. Keena could have ran in front of their car and guess who would have probably thrown some punches? This girl.

Advice: Do not be an idiotic driver. I will punch you.

Okay. Deep breaths.

Right now we are watching the Biggest Loser Finale! My favorite is Danni. I love love love her. By the way, she looks smokin’ right now.

And guess what?

SHE WON. Whabam.

I hope some day you watch the Biggest Loser because it is seriously inspiring.

Okay. I love you guys.

Run on.

St. Patty’s Day Challenge LR:

14.25 mi – 9:25 pace

Weekly Miles (Run/ Walk/ Bike):

57.25 mi

Okay. So I bet some of you are wondering, “What the heck is her “St. Patty’s Day Challenge?” And others of you are all like, “I know EXACTLY what this is. Bam.”

Well, if you are friends with me on Instagram, you would know all about this challenge! For those of you poor souls whom are completely lost and whom are thinking, “What the heck is Instagram?” Let me explain.

Last night I posted a picture on to both my personal Instagram and my Running Small Instagram. I also later posted it to DailyMile. Another site I am in love with.

Here is the picture:


Pretty self explanatory. For every like, I would run .15 of a mile! I ended up having 95 “Likes” overall! Not that bad!

95 x .15 = 14.25miles

And looky there, I ran a tad over it!

The St. Patty's Day Route.

The St. Patty’s Day Route.

The run was quite boring. I felt like I was having a heat stroke for most of the run, and then after mile 9 I had to stop and go to the bathroom, slowing down my time.

But other than that, it was pretty good!

After 13.5 miles, my dad and sister, Samantha (to go to her education blog, click HERE), drove by. Sam snapped some beautiful pictures…


Lookin’ fancy, dad.

That's my, "I'm smiling, but on the inside I'm dying" face.

That’s my, “I’m smiling, but on the inside I’m dying” face.

Incase you didn’t notice, I am wearing some fancy schmancy new PRO Compression socks. My idol, (in a non-stalkerish way) Skinny Runner, gave them to me! She sent me a black pair and a bright pink pair, along with some “Team Skinny Runner” stickers! Sooo hanging them up in my dorm room next year.  

After I got home, my family asked me how far I ran and didn’t believe me when I plainly said “14.25 miles.” They were all like, “Continuously?” 

 I almost did my favorite yoga pose in the middle of the driveway, “Starfish with Asthma” (kidding.. no but seriously.) It kinda looks like this…

"Starfish with Asthma"

“Starfish with Asthma”

Now just pretend the starfish is breathing really, really hard.

That’s “Starfish with Asthma.” I suggest trying it sometime. Really relaxing.

I enjoyed a glass of chocolate milk…


… and took some after-run pictures!

Gross yucky faces don't need to be on the internet.

Gross yucky faces don’t need to be on the internet.



You know you want some...

You know you want a pair…


Have a great St. Patty’s Day! I hope you guys are wearing green…


Bring it.

Run on.

Road/ Trail Run:

7 miles of pure awesomeness.

Today is our last day in the beautiful Nevada. Okay, well the beautiful mountain part of Nevada. Not the hot desert part.

Today I wanted to take a different route; I wanted to see where the trail actually started. I looked at a map…

"I'm the map, I'm the map, I'm the map, I'm the map, I'M THE MAP!" *Name that kid's show!

“I’m the map, I’m the map, I’m the map, I’m the map, I’M THE MAP!” *Name that kid’s show!*

… and I found that the other trailhead was 2 miles away from where we are staying! So I hit the road…

"I'm the road, I'm the road, I'm the road, I'm the road, I'M THE ROAD!" *Not in a kid's show*

“I’m the road, I’m the road, I’m the road, I’m the road, I’M THE ROAD!” *Not in a kid’s show*


… and ran the two miles through the beautiful valley! Said “Hello!” to some horses, baby calves, baby sheep, and a llama. Yep. A llama.

When I got to the trailhead, it informed me that I was running on a historical landmark. SCORE!

You go, Martin Luther.

You go, Martin Luther.

There are just so many more trail options at this trailhead! I can’t believe I have never tried it before! I could’ve gone exploring! Oh well. There will be more trips to Nevada!

I ran up to a different trail called “Lonesome Trail.” Lonesome connected to Jobs Peak (the trail that gets me home), so I thought running it would get me some extra mileage!

It's lonesome out here... on Lonesome Trail...

It’s lonesome out here… on Lonesome Trail…


At around mile 5, a stray dog started runnin’ with me. That’s cool and all, but he had an owner because he had a collar on. Every time I would try and look at his tags, he would run away from me, but then come right back as soon as I started running again. What?

"Hey guys! I found Fido! I found Fido you guys!" *Name that YouTube video*

“Hey guys! I found Fido! I found Fido you guys!” *Name that YouTube video*

He finally ditched me at mile 6.

Today on my run, I was supporting my Team In Training Kansas Chapter training jersey, my UnderArmour tights, my short PRO Compression socks, and my BrooksRunning Pure Cadence shoes!

Sorry for the ugly-sweaty face. I know it's attractive.

Sorry for the ugly-sweaty face. I know it’s attractive.

"Booty booty booty booty rockin' in a well!" *Name that hilarious YouTube video*

“Booty booty booty booty rockin’ in a well!” *Name that YouTube video*

*If you haven’t seen any of these YouTube videos, you are a deprived child.*

And guess what guys! It’s PhotoBomb Friday!!!!!!!!

I’m still accepting photobombs, so make sure you send them to!

I’ll post in a few hours!

Until then,

Run on.

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