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This time of year is probably better than Christmas. It’s like a big festival celebrating Dodge City, KS that goes all the way into August! It’s super fun and exciting.

This years theme is “Stash Bash – A Twist On The Old West.” So basically everyone wears mustaches! Even Taylor and I!


The kick-off for Dodge City Days is always a 5k at 7:30 in the morning called the Dodge City Days Shootout!

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The course was really nice and a small challenge in some places. It was actually PRETTY cool this morning.. 70 degrees or so?

For about 3/4 of the way, I ran with a girl named Jayne from CrossFit. As you could see, there were quite a few of us running! It was fun seeing everyone I workout with out on the course.

I finished in a 25 something. Right after I finished I turned around and ran a half mile back to find Sam and run the rest with her!

After the run, the Dodge City Day’s Parade starts at 9:30. This is the first year I’ve gotten to watch in 6 years or so! Everyone was wearing there mustaches and it was AWESOME!

The Parade lasted an hour and ten minutes – and we were at the beginning of it!

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Tonight the Roundup Rodeo Arena is hosting the DC Days Concert: Headliner is Gloriana! I’m not yet sure if I’m going tonight or not. We have tickets, but I may wind up going to decorate for a bridal shower that takes place tomorrow!


Run on.

Yoga & CrossFit!

WOD Indiana

The party went fannnntastic last night! It took us about 2ish hours to set up and get everything ready. We had a twister board spray painted in the yard, fishing, some swedish game, corn hole, FOOD… and um… food.


I did the arrangements for this. It just SCREAMS ‘Merica… Doesn’t it? And yes, that is candy corn on the top. Candy corn has found a way to sneak into another holiday and yes, it is still disgusting. 

I also went fishing. For the first 10-20 minutes I didn’t really even get any nibbles, but then when I started using chunks of a hot dog as bait, the fishies couldn’t resist.


The fishies love the the hot doggies.

Today is wedding day, and I am so excited. The wedding is going to be short, and the reception is going to be bumpin’. My kind of wedding.

I’ve had 3 cups of coffee so far. I want to be awake until the break of dawn dancing.

Shane- You’re an awesome and hilarious guy. It’s kind of strange to see you get married. I remember when we use to play video games in the basement for hours at a time. Or when we would go out on the pond in the little tin boat. But now you’re all grown up and leaving me. Well, okay, that’s a lie. You’re actually moving closer to me. But shh. No one has to know those details.

Brittany- Cousin! Hey- that will be a true statement in a few hours! I’m so happy you’re coming into this family. You’re so fun to be around. You and Shane fit PERFECTLY together. Everyone can see it. When I move up to college and you move to Missouri, you and Shane need to come visit or vice-versa. Speaking of traveling – I hope he takes you somewhere nice for your Honeymoon!

Good luck with everything in your future!

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And yes, I did more creeping on you two. 🙂

Run on.

Dumbbell Workout With Sam and then I did my own CrossFit WOD.

All the details are on the link right below!

WOD Indiana

So guess what I did today!


I went shopping… AGAIN!

But this time I didn’t have to go into a dressing room. I just bought some shoes and jewelry for the wedding Friday. I was with Sam, and Sam’s not a shopper either. #NotGirlyProbs

I did search in Best Buy, Radio Shack, and Target for a Garmin Watch. I wanted to purchase the Forerunner 610, but apparently Indiana hasn’t heard on this mystical object quite yet.

Check it out HERE.

Today’s post is going to be lame beyond lame. I’m currently surrounded by 15 other people, all family and friends. We just ate a HUGE supper, and now we are all just hanging out and chatting. So I should probably get back to the real world. I just wanted to say hi to everyone and let y’all know I’m still alive… at least I think I am…

Hold on a sec.

Yep. Still breathing. We’re good.

Tomorrows plans include walking on the beach, sleeping, and attending a rehearsal dinner so I can eat another large meal.

I love food.

I remember when I was young, if I took something to eat, and I decided I didn’t like it, my parents would make me sit at the table the rest of the night until I ate my meal. Looking back on it, I’m dang happy they made my do that. It taught me obedience. Sorry, random memory.

I told you today’s post was going to be lame.

So uh… Run on.

I miss my Keena Girl.

I miss my Keena Girl.

Hello, Cali!

We made it here at 1PM California time.

Coloring on our 4 hour layover

We caught a taxi to our hotel, and then met up with some other teammates to head to the expo together!

I’m bib number 53693… My new lucky number.

We went shopping and stopped by PRO Compression’s booth. Guess what they told me…

Okay you are an awful guesser.

They told me SkinnyRunner (my favorite runner) is going to be running here! She will be by the booth tomorrow at 9:45 with Run.Eat.Repeat…. It’s like a celebrity show!

Mirda and I also signed up for a chance to become a part of Team Refuel. (CHOCOLATE MILK!!!)

We had to shoot a 60 commercial as to why we drink chocolate milk. My reason? I like chocolate milk.

… Nice one Bekah.


Signed the TNT wall. I miss you, Grandma.

Now that I’ve been up for over 19 hours, I’m pooped. So enjoy a picture of my supper. SO PRETTY AND FRESH!


Run on.


These people are everywhere.


Long Run:

18mi – YAY!


Running Track:

2 mi


This past weekend I traveled to KC for a fun TOC Senior Trip! We left early Saturday morning (I have a really bad story about this), and got home around 3:15pm Sunday!

Okay, bad story about leaving early on Saturday. 

So on Friday night I was in bed before 10. I know for a FACT I set my alarm for 5am. Guess what… It was 6:10 before I woke up on my own and realized that everyone had been waiting on me for 20 minutes already. I call Tamie, tell her I’m rushing, and I get out to the car by 6:20. (We were supposed to leave at 6… whoops.)

Well Tamie tried calling me, but my phone goes on this stupid mode where it turns off all notifications/ phone calls at 10pm and doesn’t turn back on until 7am the next morning. (Tamie had to help me take it off… I’m not good with technology.)

Okay. And that’s the end of my bad story.

Enjoy some pictures of my fun weekend.

Watching Duck Dynasty on the way up to KC... legit.

Watching Duck Dynasty on the way up to KC… legit.

We went shopping at Legends Mall! Nice hats, Tamie & Traci!

We went shopping at Legends Mall! Nice hats, Tamie & Traci!

My graduation present from Tamie! It's called "My Guardian Angel." I picked it out because Tamie is always looking out for me! She does so much!

My graduation present from Tamie! It’s called “My Guardian Angel.” I picked it out because Tamie is always looking out for me! She does so much!

First 10,000 people received a FREE Billy Butler Bobblehead!

First 10,000 people received a FREE Billy Butler Bobblehead!

Our favorite (at first) druken fan. He yelled "Let's go Royals... WHOO!" A solid 100 times.

Our favorite (at first) druken fan. He yelled “Let’s go Royals… WHOO!” A solid 100 times.

All of us! :)

All of us! 🙂

Delisa and I bundled up!

Delisa and I bundled up!

The back of my jersey!

The back of my jersey!

Our feast! I couldn't move after this meal!

Our feast! I couldn’t move after this meal!

Okay. Now I’m sure that is enough pictures to last you a lifetime.

Tonight we had a Honors Banquet (mainly for seniors) to recognize intellectual/ leadership students! I was recognized for general things. I wish I was awarded for something in the community a little bit more, but hey. What can I do about it? I mean, sure I’m disappointed, but life will move on. I will just have to move on with it.

Tomorrow I will do a recap of my 18 miler I ran last night! WHOO HAPPY 18!

Run on.





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