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This time of year is probably better than Christmas. It’s like a big festival celebrating Dodge City, KS that goes all the way into August! It’s super fun and exciting.

This years theme is “Stash Bash – A Twist On The Old West.” So basically everyone wears mustaches! Even Taylor and I!


The kick-off for Dodge City Days is always a 5k at 7:30 in the morning called the Dodge City Days Shootout!

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The course was really nice and a small challenge in some places. It was actually PRETTY cool this morning.. 70 degrees or so?

For about 3/4 of the way, I ran with a girl named Jayne from CrossFit. As you could see, there were quite a few of us running! It was fun seeing everyone I workout with out on the course.

I finished in a 25 something. Right after I finished I turned around and ran a half mile back to find Sam and run the rest with her!

After the run, the Dodge City Day’s Parade starts at 9:30. This is the first year I’ve gotten to watch in 6 years or so! Everyone was wearing there mustaches and it was AWESOME!

The Parade lasted an hour and ten minutes – and we were at the beginning of it!

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Tonight the Roundup Rodeo Arena is hosting the DC Days Concert: Headliner is Gloriana! I’m not yet sure if I’m going tonight or not. We have tickets, but I may wind up going to decorate for a bridal shower that takes place tomorrow!


Run on.

Running Track:

3.7 mi

Drill Team:

1 hour and 15 minutes of pure cardio… basically.

Ok, Spring. You need to go home. You’re drunk.

I woke up (40 min late) this morning to look outside just to find SNOW on the ground! In case you all don’t know what day it is, it is APRIL 23… Almost a week away from May 1… So someone please tell me why in the world Mother Nature is being so bi-polar? Does she need a little blue happy pill?

To make my day even worse, the garage door broke. That’s right. Broke. So how am I supposed to get to school? Well, let’s just say we have this cute little vehicle called a mini-truck. They’re little Asian cars. We use it for feeding horses and cows!

My mom had to drive me to school though. I felt like I was in grade school again.

Off to school I go... 20 minutes later than usual.

Off to school I go… 20 minutes later than usual.

Got to school, tried my best to be awesome (ok, let’s face it. I don’t need to try.) Taylor then drove me down to work, did the work thang for a few hours. Came home with a strange dog…

Just kidding. She's our dog. Her name's Gabby.

Just kidding. She’s our dog. Her name’s Gabby.

Speaking of dogs, y’all probably think Keena is a perfect little angel.

Dawwh. Angel.

Dawwh. Angel.

But what you do not know, is that she’s a little screw loose. She likes to destroy everything and jump on people.

For instance, right before I took this picture, this is a picture I took…



She is a really good and sweet dog. But trust me, if someone was ever attacking me, she’d get ’em.

Ok. Well, I blame this stupid weather for making my cough get worse. It’s time for a breathing treatment and then BED! I enjoyed some yummy veggie soup and suffered through some mint tea. I’m just doing everything I can to survive.

Pretty solid meal.

Pretty solid meal.

On the bright side of all of this, we do have a pretty sick view here in Kansas!

View from outside my casa.

View from outside my casa.

I hope all you Kansans are staying warm! On this snowy April day…

Run on.



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