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Bike Ride (Totally leisure. Nothing hardcore about it.. besides some  hills.)


CrossFit WOD:

Skill WOD-
Max Reps- Rope Climbs (10)
3 Rounds-1 min on, 1 min off

Max Reps- Dubs (112)
3 Rounds-1 min on, 1 min off

WOD- For time. (75lbs)

Power Cleans
Shoulder to Overhead
Back Squats
Lateral OTB Burpees

Today’s WOD was SO HARD. My arms were dead after the first 18 reps. I debated between going lighter than 75, or sticking with it. Finally I decided to suck it up and just do it.

I had to take a lot of breaks and set the bar down a lot. You know it sucks when the BURPEES are a relief. And I hate burpees.

So with my awfully hard time at CrossFit today (my first day back since wisdom teeth day), I give you the Advantages/ Disadvantages of not working out for a really long time. Or so it felt like.


1. Um… You get a lot of rest?


……. Yup.



1. You feel like poopey the next time you work out.

2. You get tired easily throughout the day / you have ZERO energy.

3. You eat more. Like, lots more. Ice cream daily.

4. You become weak. Lifting your dog is hard.

5. You have trouble sleeping at night.

6. You are bored because you don’t have CrossFit/Running in your life.

7. You watch channels in Spanish because there’s nothing on the English ones.

8. You spend way too much time on the internet. Doing absolutely nothing.

9. You play too much Candy Crush – but still get nowhere.

10. You see other people that you work out with in public and you feel guilty.

11. You have nothing to blog about, so you feel like a failure.

12. You have dreams about running/ CrossFit because THAT’S HOW MUCH YOU MISS IT.


So there you go, folks. I know it wasn’t necessarily my fault that I couldn’t go to CrossFit or go run, but these are still things I experience when I don’t workout/ exercise for a while.

My conclusion is to stay active every day. Doesn’t matter how you do it, just as long as you do something!

Run on.



Happy Rest Day!

Yesterday, I ran a 5K benefitting the Interfaith Housing System here in Dodge!

As you remember from my list, “10 Things I Suck At,” I suck at 5Ks. This was no different.

I kept a super slow pace of 8:23, finishing in 26 minutes flat. About the same pace I started out at for my first 8 miles of the San Diego Marathon. Go me.

The course was the course I used for my 5K, Race for a Cure, but backwards. There was a strong South wind so guess what, the course went straight South for a mile! It felt like I was running into a brick wall. Not necessarily awesome.

There were a lot of stops to get colored up! They used colored water, so if you threw it in the dryer once you got home, it would be permanent. I had them SOAK my shirt and my white PROCompression socks! By the way, PROCompression, I need new socks…

OH. And there were these two really annoying kids that would hurry and run as fast as they could to pass me, but then they would walk. Then when I would pass them again, they would get all upset that a girl was passing them, so they would sprint past me again, and then walk… etc. It’s safe to say I killed them in the end. I sprinted past them the last half-mile. ENDURANCE FOR LIFEEEE.

Here are some pictures from the race!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Run on.

“Deck of Death Pleasure”

We paired up and had a deck of cards per pair. Whatever suit you had, that was the workout you did and the number of the card was how many reps. We took turns on each workout, but ran and did double-unders together!

Spades:Wall Balls

Hearts:HR Push-ups

Clubs:Box Jumps

Diamonds:Toes to Bar

Jokers:10 Double-Unders

Aces:200m Run

Face Cards = 10 Reps


My partner was Paige and we finished the deck in 24:30! Paige got a nice mix of the different workouts, I pretty much had all of the toes to bar… the one movement I dread.


So coming off of all of this talk about toes to bar, it’s time to talk about things I suck at!

We all have our strengths and weaknesses, so maybe one day when I need a pick-me-up I will talk about things I’m good at. But today I’m pretty okay with making fun of myself. So here we go.


  1. I suck at anything having to deal with sports. I have ZERO hand eye coordination, so if you are throwing something at me to catch or asking me to dodge something… No. Just no. Most of the time when people throw things at me, they go WAY over my head to where I would have no shot at catching it anyways.
  2. I suck at pull ups or climbing rope. I have to use a band to get through workouts involving pull ups. Most of the time I’m not even tall enough to reach the bar. Now rope climbs… Well I can get up the rope like once. Okay… that was a lie. Halfway. So I have to do the modified version where you lay on the ground and only use your arms to pull you up and back down. Weak arms fo lifeee.
  3. I suck at drinking liquids/ eating. Sometimes I always wind up with my food/drink somewhere on my pants or shirt. Like today after the workout, I basically poured my entire cup of water down my right side. Awesome. Or during supper I miss my mouth… Like every night.
  4. I suck at swimming. I can float/wade really well, so you don’t have to worry about me drowning. But ACTUAL swimming… Hah. Okay here’s the deal. I HAVE to plug my nose. I do NOT understand how people can keep water out of their noses. It’s like my nose is a vacuum that sucks in as much water as possible when I dive or do flips underwater. So that’s probably one of the main reasons why I can’t swim like a normal person. I’m just awful at it.
  5. I suck at running 5k’s. I have one today, but let me tell you. They hurt me. It’s just you have to keep a fairly fast pace through ALL of it since it’s so short. I’m not a fast person. I’m SLOW. That’s why I became a distance runner. Cause really it matters about how many miles rather than how fast (to me at least.) It’s more of game with me. But 5k’s… It’s like boom you start and then boom you’re done within 30 minutes or less.
  6. I suck at remembering things. That’s why when you see my planner throughout the school year, it is jam packed with what time I need to be where, days I have tests, future plans, reminders to myself of what I need to do later… etc. If I didn’t write things down, I would be a lost little puppy, wandering about.
  7. I suck at English/ Reading. Okay, this topic is kind of controversial since what I do with my free time is write, but when you look at my ACT scores, these are my two LOWEST subjects. They seriously brought my score down. When it comes to reading, I’m slow. I take my time to dissect almost every single word. It takes me FOREVER to get through a book. I know people who can just run their finger down a page and understand everything that that certain page was about. I’m so jealous.
  8. I suck at walking up stairs. I trip almost every single time I go up stairs. So when I remember that I suck at it while going up a flight, I basically have to do high-knees to make sure my feet get on that step.
  9. I suck at being consistent – on some things. I can be on time consistently, but my schedule every day is never consistent. At our CrossFit gym , there are 4-5 separate classes you can go to. I change up whatever class I go to ALL the time. I tried a morning class once, but I suck at waking up as well, so that stopped after one time.
  10. I suck at cleaning my room. I go through periods where I don’t clean my room. I just throw crap everywhere thinking, “I’ll clean it up tomorrow.” But it gets to the point where it STRESSES me out. I won’t even go in my room unless it is to sleep. When it gets to be that point, I usually get the urge to clean at about 10pm. Awesome.


Well there is my short list of things I suck at!

I have a question, is anybody running the 5K this afternoon? If you haven’t heard about it, it starts at Cavalier Field with Registration starting at 3pm, the race starting at 4pm! It’s a color run, so wear crappy clothes. I have no idea of who is all going, so PLEASE someone show up so I can run with you. I need a running partner… 🙂


Run on.

Relay For Life:

8 hours of walking


3 Rounds:

1 Minute, as many reps as possible

-Wall Ball

-Sumo Deadlift to Chin

-Box Jumps

-Push Press

-Rows (calories)



After 3 rounds, I accomplished 200 reps!

Starting at 7pm last night was Relay For Life for Ford/Gray County Areas! Opening Ceremonies began at 7, my good friend Katie Smith sang for us! She’s a star. She will be famous one day, just you wait!

Introducing Katie Smith y'all! :)

Introducing Katie Smith y’all! 🙂

After the survivors introduced themselves, they kicked off the walking by walking the first lap and then all of the teams joined!

My Luminary I made for my Grandma. I love her and miss her very much.

My Luminary I made for my Grandma. I love her and miss her very much.

I walked from then on until midnight. I seriously needed a little break and to put my PRO Compression socks on. I wish I would’ve put them on before I got there, my legs were already swollen so it was a nightmare trying to get them on.

And then this is when I ZONKED out. I just know I went back out to walk an hour and a half later.

Walked for a bit, then they announced that there would be BINGO AND COFFEE. Holy moly. It made my life. Especially at 2-something in the morning.

Lela and I played for about an hour and didn’t win once. One girl won FIVE TIMES. She needed to be kicked out. At the end all of the people still playing got to choose from the remaining prizes. I got a jar thing and then Lela gave me her prize: a painting of an elephant! She knows me so well.

Losing hardcore. We decided we did not have the Bingo Gift. And that we were really bad luck.

Losing hardcore. We decided we did not have the Bingo Gift. And that we were really bad luck.

After we finished playing, I kept walking until 6! WHOO!

This was our baton. He was my BFF as I finished the last few hours for my team. His name was "Bill on a Stick." *Jeff Dunham reference!

This was our baton. He was my BFF as I finished the last few hours for my team. His name was “Bill on a Stick.” *Jeff Dunham reference!

We cleaned up SUPER FAST and then when I got home I ate a super nutritious breakfast (eggs, toast, fruit, greek yogurt), took a bath, some advil, then crashed out until 11!

I hung out until I got a text about a CrossFit workout at 1:45pm. I was feeling really good so I decided to go! I convinced Tot to go with me. He had never been to CrossFIT before, so the poor kid looked a little tired afterwards.

Oh wait. He is tired.

See? We are hanging out RIGHT NOW!

Poor baby.

Poor baby.

Now I’m off to go babysit the cutest kids in the world, Finn and Bode. I love them. Love love love.

Run on. Or in this Relay for Life case, Walk on.


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