1. Coffee is a must have. Period.

2. Weight lifting is a GOOD thing.

3. Chocolate milk is also a very good thing.

No, but seriously:

I am here to have fun and post things about my health and fitness journey. If something I say offends you, take a deep breath and remember: LIFE GOES ON.

Most of the time, I will probably say something sarcastic and irrelevant to ANYTHING. It is your job, reader, to not go loco over a blog post you do not agree with.

So hey, let’s agree to disagree!

Email me, I would love to know your viewpoint on things I post. No joke. I’m not argumentative, so if you are looking for a fight, I suggest emailing a world-pronounced boxer or something like that. OR a cast member off of Jersey Shore. They seem to like to drama.

I am not perfect. I know that very, very well. So let’s not forget mama’s main rule: If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.


I’m pretty great, I know.