Holy moly guys. How long has it been since I’ve last blogged? Almost 2 weeks?

Not acceptable.

I have SO MANY awesome things to tell you, but I’m going to span the excited news out over the next few days… builds suspense and whatever.

So the first bit of exciting news is for all of my Kansas State University fans!

I currently have a Football signed by the prestigious Bill Snyder, a Basketball signed by the awesome Bruce Weber, and a Baseball signed by the amazing Brad Hill!

ALL proceeds go the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!

Tickets are:

1 Ticket = $5

5 Tickets = $20

15 Tickets = $50

30 Tickets = $100


Click HERE to go to the Facebook event.

And click HERE to go to my fundraising page and ENTER INTO THE CHANCE DRAWING!

Here’s a special deal that only my readers will know about.

If you enter the chance drawing with 5 tickets or more and also comment on this blog post (click on the dialogue bubble to the left to leave a comment) with your favorite sport – you will get two extra entries!

But remember, you MUST have already entered the drawing with 5 tickets or more in order to receive the two extra entries!

I will stop accepting entries on September 1st at 11:59pm. The winner will be drawn on September 2nd!

If you’re NOT a K-State fan (which I don’t see why not… EMAW), please SHARE the Facebook event with people who are! Remember – no matter how many entries you get, you are still helping save lives!




Run on.