Wisdom teeth are OUT.

I guess that makes me not as wise.

Fair warning, I’m drugged up right now, so this should be interesting.

I listened to Kelly Clarkson when they knocked me out. I remember waking up  a lot during the surgery. I didn’t know how to tell them, either. They had my eyes covered and my arms so I couldn’t really make any motion. He told me they kept having to feed through some drugs to me!

I don’t remember the ride home. I played Candy Crush thinking maybe I would get better, hahhahaha no. I’m still awful.

I think my mom videotaped me.. so I may be a YouTube sensation before you know it.

Got more drugs, went home.

I tried to eat some Greek Yogurt. I kept getting blood in it. Pretty attractive, I know.



I just tested my ABCs… forwards AND backwards. I’m pretty awesome, I know.

Keena is here. Say hello to the people Keena.


The gauze hurts.

My tongue is numb.

Ok. I’m sleepy. The Today’s Show is putting me to sleep. Good night.

Run on.