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How to make your feet happy campers as a runner!

This morning I was in Manhattan, KS with my mom and sister, and we decided to go to the Manhattan Running Co. to find my sister a new pair of shoes. Her foot has started to go numb during runs, so we thought she may need a new pair of shoes.

They put her on a treadmill with some neutral shoes, just so they could videotape they way her feet absorbed shock.

They found that way she absorbed shock was by over pronating, meaning her arch falls inwards as she strikes the ground.


This was probably why she was having feet problems, so they hooked her up with some new Mizunos that gave her more support on the insides of her feet.

I gave the treadmill a go, and I found out that I am normal… for once!

That means I really don’t need a lot of support. It’s probably why I love my Pure Cadence. It has some support, but not an overwhelming amount.

Now you’re asking me, “How can I find out what kind of pronation I am?” or “What type of shoe should I get then?” or “Have I been using the wrong type of shoe this entire time?”

Well here’s where I jump in!

1. Go to a running store that can find your arch type/ pronation by having you run on a treadmill. There are stores EVERYWHERE that have this option.

2. Wet the bottom of your feet and then step on a piece of paper to see your arch type.

3. Visit the following sites to see what kind of shoe is BEST for you:

For Brooks Running Shoes: Click Here.

For Saucony Running Shoes: Click Here.

For Mizuno Running Shoes: Click Here.

But if you really want to be accurate, go to a running store. Tell them every detail, every injury, every shoe you’ve owned, your favorite weight for a shoe, your favorite brands. They’re professionals, they should be open minded and help you to make YOU happy.

I would make a serious step into checking to see what kind of shoe you need. It will prevent injuries from happening and make your feet happy!

If this didn’t help at all, you could always draw happy faces on your feet. That’s like the same thing, right?

Run on.