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The party went fannnntastic last night! It took us about 2ish hours to set up and get everything ready. We had a twister board spray painted in the yard, fishing, some swedish game, corn hole, FOOD… and um… food.


I did the arrangements for this. It just SCREAMS ‘Merica… Doesn’t it? And yes, that is candy corn on the top. Candy corn has found a way to sneak into another holiday and yes, it is still disgusting. 

I also went fishing. For the first 10-20 minutes I didn’t really even get any nibbles, but then when I started using chunks of a hot dog as bait, the fishies couldn’t resist.


The fishies love the the hot doggies.

Today is wedding day, and I am so excited. The wedding is going to be short, and the reception is going to be bumpin’. My kind of wedding.

I’ve had 3 cups of coffee so far. I want to be awake until the break of dawn dancing.

Shane- You’re an awesome and hilarious guy. It’s kind of strange to see you get married. I remember when we use to play video games in the basement for hours at a time. Or when we would go out on the pond in the little tin boat. But now you’re all grown up and leaving me. Well, okay, that’s a lie. You’re actually moving closer to me. But shh. No one has to know those details.

Brittany- Cousin! Hey- that will be a true statement in a few hours! I’m so happy you’re coming into this family. You’re so fun to be around. You and Shane fit PERFECTLY together. Everyone can see it. When I move up to college and you move to Missouri, you and Shane need to come visit or vice-versa. Speaking of traveling – I hope he takes you somewhere nice for your Honeymoon!

Good luck with everything in your future!

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And yes, I did more creeping on you two. 🙂

Run on.