Dumbbell Workout With Sam and then I did my own CrossFit WOD.

All the details are on the link right below!

WOD Indiana

So guess what I did today!


I went shopping… AGAIN!

But this time I didn’t have to go into a dressing room. I just bought some shoes and jewelry for the wedding Friday. I was with Sam, and Sam’s not a shopper either. #NotGirlyProbs

I did search in Best Buy, Radio Shack, and Target for a Garmin Watch. I wanted to purchase the Forerunner 610, but apparently Indiana hasn’t heard on this mystical object quite yet.

Check it out HERE.

Today’s post is going to be lame beyond lame. I’m currently surrounded by 15 other people, all family and friends. We just ate a HUGE supper, and now we are all just hanging out and chatting. So I should probably get back to the real world. I just wanted to say hi to everyone and let y’all know I’m still alive… at least I think I am…

Hold on a sec.

Yep. Still breathing. We’re good.

Tomorrows plans include walking on the beach, sleeping, and attending a rehearsal dinner so I can eat another large meal.

I love food.

I remember when I was young, if I took something to eat, and I decided I didn’t like it, my parents would make me sit at the table the rest of the night until I ate my meal. Looking back on it, I’m dang happy they made my do that. It taught me obedience. Sorry, random memory.

I told you today’s post was going to be lame.

So uh… Run on.

I miss my Keena Girl.

I miss my Keena Girl.