Hey Y’all!

Guess where I am?


I’m in Chesterton, IN! Go me!

My mother was raised here before she made the long venture to Dodge City, KS where she was set up with my dad by my grandpa… and the rest is history.

On Friday my cousin, Shane, is getting married to a pretty gal named Brittany! They’re sitting right behind me, so hopefully they didn’t see me creeping on his FB page to get a picture of them… ๐Ÿ™‚


I’m creepy, I know.

So while I am here, I’ve decided to seriously hunker down on my healthy eating, getting some work & stuff done, and of course, having some fun with family I don’t get to see that often.

The only “gym” equipment they have here are jump ropes, some lightweight dumbbells, a ballet bar, one of those big bouncy balls, and a balance thing that looks like half of a workout ball but the other half is completely flat so it rests on the ground. I plan to use it for making planks a little more difficult.

Since I don’t have a lot of supplies that we usually use for CrossFIT, my coach sent me a list of 75 WODs that require almost zero equipment (besides a jump rope).

I got creative and made my own WODs. Really fun, actually! It’s giving me a chance to learn how to tailor workouts, what works, and what doesn’t. Sure, I’m pretty limited on what workouts I can and can’t do, but I feel pretty good about my workouts. They don’t look super challenging, so if a workout is feeling too easy, I will add some things!

If you would ย like to check out my daily WODs and join me, I’ve added the link to my short calendar below. I’ll post the link every day, so you can see my times and changes I’ve made, just in case you would like to join me… So you should join me.

Indiana WODs

Did I mention you should join me?

And when you do join me, email runningsmallrs@gmail with what you did! I would love your feedback!

My sister has signed up for her first Half Marathon in October (YAY!), so I plan to start running with her every morning and then do all of my workouts in the park where we will be running at!

It’s 70’s all this week here. I will post pictures of the house/ outdoors later. I love this place, it’s seriously beautiful.

I will be home next Monday, so y’all Dodge City folks be good now.

Run on.