“The Seven”

Seven Rounds for Time 

7 HandStand Pushups
7 Thrusters
7 Knees to Elbows
7 Dead Lifts
7 Burpees
7 KB Swings
7 Pull Ups

Okay. I need some feedback on this, but I feel like a lot of people in my gym feel like I’m cheating somehow by skipping reps or not going as full out as I can. I get done with workouts fast, well, like 3-5 minutes faster than most people. I feel like it’s because since I am a distance runner, I understand the concept of keeping a “constant pace,” so I don’t take breaks, and when I do they are only for 5-10 seconds. So with today’s workout, I was keeping a solid 3 minutes per round pace. I made sure to keep time with the clock. But when I finished, I got all sorts of crazy looks from people. I’m not a cheater, I swear on it! How in the world do I fix this?

And yes, your feedback is required.

Tomorrow I will be writing a special post for all of you confused by the fitness world and by what people say is the right thing to do to lost weight and get in shape. There is SO MUCH jumble in the media on how to get rid of unnecessary weight. I read articles in newspapers and think, “This is a bunch of crap.”

Now I’m not saying what I tell you tomorrow is PhD approved before I post it, but it’s what I understand and what I know is for a fact.

So, again, feedback and…

Run on.