Hello, Cali!

We made it here at 1PM California time.

Coloring on our 4 hour layover

We caught a taxi to our hotel, and then met up with some other teammates to head to the expo together!

I’m bib number 53693… My new lucky number.

We went shopping and stopped by PRO Compression’s booth. Guess what they told me…

Okay you are an awful guesser.

They told me SkinnyRunner (my favorite runner) is going to be running here! She will be by the booth tomorrow at 9:45 with Run.Eat.Repeat…. It’s like a celebrity show!

Mirda and I also signed up for a chance to become a part of Team Refuel. (CHOCOLATE MILK!!!)

We had to shoot a 60 commercial as to why we drink chocolate milk. My reason? I like chocolate milk.

… Nice one Bekah.


Signed the TNT wall. I miss you, Grandma.

Now that I’ve been up for over 19 hours, I’m pooped. So enjoy a picture of my supper. SO PRETTY AND FRESH!


Run on.


These people are everywhere.