Happy leaving day!

Today we leave to stay the night in Wichita, because our flight leaves at 6am tomorrow. Hello morning.

So in order to leave, I had to pack.

So this is my packing process.

1. I stare at my empty bag and get on the computer until I have absolutely need to get packing.


2. I organize all of my clothes by the following categories: Pants, Shorts, Tanks, Tops, Socks & Stuff.


3. I pack all of my pants/ shorts.


4. I pack my shirts/ tanks at the opposite end.


5. I pack everything else in-between.


6. I pack my shoes, makeup, hair stuff, and other toiletries. (I don’t pack anything on the outside pockets. I don’t trust them.)


7. I pack my carry-on with coloring books, crayons, my running gear (water bottle & band), headphones, and anything else I may need!


8. I put everything by the door just so my mom knows I’m waiting on her… πŸ™‚




When you are packing a lot of clothes, ROLL your shirts/ pants. It creates more room to store more things!

If you don’t need to check a bag, pack everything in a carry-on with your toiletries in someone else’s bag.

If you know you will be going shopping, make sure you save some room in your bag.

Pack some things to do on the plane. I have the mind of a 5 year old, so I need coloring books to entertain me.



Let’s do this!

Run on.