My crazy graduation weekend is over. Whew!

Now let’s see on where I should begin…

Wednesday Night: Senior Movie Night in the auditorium. We watched “Here Comes The Boom.” It was SO GOOD. If you missed this night and you’re a senior, I’m really sorry. It was  so much fun. And we got my favorite food: popcorn.

Thursday was our last day of school. I didn’t do much on this day, and I wore wedges all day as well. Ridiculous!

Thursday night was our Senior Campout. This is when the senior class gets to stay out at the school! One of our crazy kids in our class brought an above-ground swimming pool and the Fire Department filled it up for us. There was no way I was going swimming in that thing. Yuck. I’d probably get some kind of skin condition.

Friday night was Taylor’s graduation party! I just got to hang out, talk, and eat. Some of my favorite things! For Taylor’s graduation present, I made him a scrapbook of our past 4 years of high school together. That thing was HUGE. Lots of great memories with one great guy!

Saturday morning was graduation. It started at 10:30. With 440 kids in our senior class, it took a while to get through all the names. When it finally came my time to shine, I got my diploma, hugged Jeff Heirs (one of the coolest dudes EVER), and then my graduation cap fell off. Awesome. I’m going in the history books, kiddos.

Saturday afternoon was my graduation party. Taylor and I hit up about 5 parties before I needed to be home for mine. Mine went from 4-9, when it was only supposed to go from 4-7. But that’s ok! It was a windy MESS outside. Winds reaching up to 60mph. I’m pretty sure we hosted almost 200 people in my house! There was hardly any room to breathe! IT WAS AWESOME.

Sunday was Erin Pyle’s race. Mirda and I killed it in the 1 mile… but I’m not going to talk about the 5K. Let’s just say it was my first bad race. I’m still upset with myself.

So now, enjoy some pictures from my weekend! I’ve caught you all back up, now I have to get back to training! 20mi tomorrow morning! BRING IT ON!

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Run on.