Medium Mileage Run:

10 mi


Before I start going off on how amazing my mom is, I am going to cover my life the past few days in a few short sentences/ pictures.

Friday I had my Drill Team Finale. The last time I will ever perform :(. It was an hour and a half long show of non-stop dancing. Pretty awesome!

Here is a video of one of the most amazing 9 year old kids you will ever meet. His name is Cooper and he has a special talent. He can’t read music, but he can hear something and then teach himself to play it on the piano. He’s never had lessons before, either.

So ladies and gents, meet Cooper.

He’s such a stud!

Yesterday (Saturday) I worked on graduation stuff ALL DAY. Then I went and hung out with my friends for the night! It was a lot of fun! It was good to get out of the house and away from all of the stress of getting graduation ready.

Today I worked on graduation stuff again, got my nails done, and washed my car. Oh. And ran 10mi (the most important part).

This is my decked out graduation cap:

KSU Wildcats! If you can't see me at Graduation, you are seriously blind and/ or not present at my Graduation.

KSU Wildcats!

 If you can’t see me at Graduation, you are seriously blind and/ or not present at my Graduation.

 Here is a picture from my run tonight. This is kind of like Dodge City’s version of Heartbreak. It’s called “The Middle School Hill.” And it’s actually really not bad at all. I tackled it around mile 8.

The Middle School Hill

The Middle School Hill

Okay. Now I want to brag about my mom because she’s the best and she gave birth to me and stuff.

My mom is seriously the most kind lady you will ever meet. She’s determined, sweet, and caring. I can’t recall a time when my mom wasn’t there to support me. She always has my back and is my best friend.

At our Drill Team Finale, we Senior DT Members did a lyrical dance dedicated to our moms. Here is the video I uploaded to YouTube, excuse the quality of the video, it was taken from a phone (our video camera died). Also, excuse our dancing. We aren’t necessarily a jazz/ lyrical/ technical team. We do hip hop/ pom/ kick routines. So this was new to us!

I am front and center.

After I gave a rose to my mom…

We were both crying so hard.

We were both crying so hard.

“I loved you yesterday, I love you still. I always have, I always will.”

Run on.