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4 mi


Arm Day


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7.55 mi

Hey all!

Guess what today is… WEDNESDAY!

But guess what else is today!

MAY 1! Whoo! Although it is currently 37 Degrees outside with a breeze of 25mph (welcome to Kansas), it is still graduation month! 17 days until I’m donezo with High School! YES!

So in order to get ready for graduation, I have been organizing my room (kinda sorta), getting my senior picture album together, and getting graduation presents in order.

My Senior Pictures Album

My Senior Pictures Album

One thing I did was organize my drawers. I now have a running drawer for my running shorts, tights, bras, and PRO Compression socks!

My "Running Drawer"

My “Running Drawer”

I went through my sock drawer and threw away a TON of cheap socks. There’s so much more room now! I figured that since I usually only wear PRO Compression, what’s the point of having other socks? So I chucked out a solid 1/2 of my cheaper socks. I live with no regrets.

I also had to create a drawer labeled “Things I Do Not Like To Wear.” This drawer consists of summer shorts, bathing suits, and spandex. Yeah. This drawer is hardly touched. I guess I just feel awkward in all of those things. I like my running shorts and running tights. No wonder I’m going into Kinesiology.

Things I Don't Like To Wear

Things I Do Not Like To Wear

I’m currently in the process of creating a graduation gift for someone, but I can’t say who or what! I just hope they like it. ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s all I’ve got for today. It’s a little too early in my day for anything super exciting to happen, but who knows! If something blog worthy happens to me today, I will sure let you guys know!

Run on.