Running Track:

2.5 miles… ish? Good leg stretcher after yesterday!


So after yesterday’s post and the feedback I have been getting from you guys, you all seemed to really enjoy my suffering.

You guys are sick.

But it’s okay I guess. I love you anyways.

I always put my blog post on DailyMile every day. If you don’t know what DM is, it’s like Facebook for athletes. Pretty awesome.

So when I posted my blog from yesterday, here is some feedback I got.

“Live and learn Rebekah! The trick is to learn. 🙂 Great job getting in a long run and a nice pace, even with the odd gait caused by the … let’s call it the skirt issue. I think the skirt is fine for you if you use body glide, anti-friction stick, the chaffing won’t be a problem. I use Chamois Butt’r for cycling. In my running days, good old vaseline did the trick.”


“You’re funny!! Awesome long run, considering all the “issues” you had today. Maybe some short spandex shorts under that skirt will help? I should know…I have no gap either ;)”


“I’ve made some of those myself. Glad I’m not the only one! Sorry but I did have a laugh at your expense! On a positive note…good job getting those miles in!”


“You were just being efficient Bekah, getting all of those oversights behind you in a single run … you’re an overachiever! Sweet miles …”




Ah.. I love DailyMile. You know you’re in the right place when you share common mistakes with people, who understand your pain, but can still laugh at you at the same time.

So in order to celebrate my mistake filled run yesterday, and all of the lessons I have learned, I got my self a nice sugary snow cone.

Tiger's Blood and Silver Fox!

Tiger’s Blood and Silver Fox!

Most people would say, “You shouldn’t reward yourself with food/ sugars! You’re not a dog!” To that I say, “Woof!”

I think they’re just jealous.

Also, another thing to be jealous of is my freshly shaved cat, Shadow. She is still kind of drugged, so she was actually loving me a few minutes ago… what?!

Meet a drugged Shadow.

Meet a drugged Shadow.

Now here’s something that you probably shouldn’t be jealous of… sunburn.

Boo me.

Boo me.

Ok. Well I’m going to go put more medicine on my burn and try not to cry.

Run on.