Running Track:

5.7 mi


3×5 BB Single Leg Squat (Holy Ow.)

3×5 DB Squat +Press

3×10 Plate Pause Squat

3×10 DB Goblet Split Squat

3×10 BB Reverse Lunges

3x Med Ball Walking Lunges

3×10 DB Alternating Lat Pulls

3×10 Split Squat

3×10 Overhead Squat +Press


5mi walk with Keena

I feel so popular when I go on walks. I swear I see EVERYONE I know (which isn’t a lot of people) when I’m out on walks.

And all of these people, and even people I don’t know, probably think I am the worst dog owner EVER. When I take Keena on walks, I let her off of her leash on roads I trust, just so she can have the freedom to do her own thing.

She likes to hunt squirrels on our walks/ runs. This one just so happened to run up a telephone pole.

She likes to hunt squirrels on our walks/ runs. This one just so happened to run up a telephone pole.

See what I’m saying? That’s one happy dog right there. Freedom... ‘Merica.

But anyways, I bet all people see is some irresponsible owner letting her dog do whatever the heck she wants. Not true. I yell at Keena when she gets too far away, and she sticks right by my side when other people are coming from the opposite direction.

See? Stuck like glue.

See? Stuck like glue. And I always have my leash ready to go.

There was an instance tonight where this man (who had a dog with him) and two ladies and his son (who was riding a scooter) were coming from the other direction. The man moved to the OPPOSITE side of the road with his dog, where there was no sidewalk BTW, and then yelled at his son on the scooter to get over to the opposite side of the road RIGHT NOW.

His son obeyed and went over, and then asked his dad why he had to move. His dad started yelling at him that he has to be careful around other dogs because they might attack him.

Umm… What?

You’re putting your son in more danger by making him cross the road just to go to the side where there was no sidewalk. Yep. Safe.

I mean, seriously. If his son started attacking me and beating me down, then yes, Keena would probably attack. But his son was like 10 and I was in no threat, and neither was he.

Do you see this right now? Keena's BFFs with a 16 year old cat. Yep, she's mean alright.

Do you see this right now? Keena’s BFFs with a 16 year old cat. Yep, she’s mean alright.

So after our hour and a half walk and discussion of the walk’s events, we decided to talk about it as we bask in the sun and enjoy chewing on firewood.

Ok. Well that's Keena's deal.

Ok. Well that’s Keena’s deal.

This is what I'm doing. Pretty neat.

This is what I’m doing. Pretty neat.

One last thing before I go.

I was thinking about this on our walk, and Keena agrees that it would be a pretty cool gig. But I’ve read in Runner’s World Magazine about Dog Runners. Not to get confused with Dog Walkers. People, as a job, have a schedule of dogs every day that they take out for 5 mile run or so, and get paid. They take the dogs out 1-3 times a week, dependent on owner’s orders, and just run. The dogs love it, and the person running them gets a great workout in with a solid group of running buddies.

Well I was kind of thinking that I would like to set up some kind of thing like that for this summer. I have a job in the afternoons most days of the week, so this would be great for mornings, when I don’t have anything going on!

I could schedule a few dogs a day (at most three) and then put those dogs on a schedule every week.

Seems pretty good to me.

I’ll do more research on what I need to do, what kind of forms I need owner’s to fill out, and fair pricing and stuff.

What do you guys think?

Run on.