Running Track:

4.5 mi


15min Tempo Run – 1 min walk, 30 sec stride

5×10 DB Goblet Single Leg Squat

2×5,3×3 Olympic Clean and Push Press

3×10 DB Goblet Split Squat

3×10 Overhead Plate Pause Squat

3x MB Walking Lunges

3×10 BB Reverse Lunges

Hey all! No topic today. I am feeling better, but today has been busy between running errands, a chiropractor appointment, and making delicious chocolate chip cookies!

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I told you a few weeks ago that I might post up my essay I had to write for KSHSAA, so here it is! I wasn’t going to post it, but I figured you guys were use to my crappy writing, so hey, I have nothing to lose!

This essay is about the benefits of participating in school activities. They didn’t ask us to use personal experiences, but I did. I feel like personal experiences give an essay character. Without that voice of the writer, the essay is bland and no one wants to read it.

Excuse any grammatical errors, but here it is!

     School. Not necessarily something every teenager loves.  Sometimes getting a teen to go to school and actually be willing to work hard is a struggle. But one way to get them to school and actually stay there until they graduate is by getting them involved in a school activity or athletic program. From there they will find a sense of belonging and accomplishment.

When I became a middle school student, I became involved in school activities and athletics. From music to basketball (yes, somehow my uncoordinated self managed to shoot a basket every now and then), I was involved in everything I could possibly be involved in. But that was middle school. I couldn’t do everything I once did when I enrolled into a high school that had many, MANY more activities than where I went to middle school. This is how and when I truly found myself.

I became a member of the drill team and a varsity cheerleader my freshman year, an honor something not a lot of freshmen received over the years. Right away I was accepted as a contributing team member. I fell in love with the thought of having a group of people to hang out with every day after school while doing something I loved. This is why I am a strong believer in school activities and sports. They give students a place of belonging.

My sophomore year I tried out for the track team. Granted I did not try out for track because I loved it, I was just doing it to hang out with my friends who convinced me to go out. I recall that the very first day of practice we did the alpine mile and I somehow managed to stay up at the front with all of the faster guys. As I ran up a flight of stairs past one of my running coaches, I tripped. That’s right. Fell flat on my face. He just said to me, “Wow. That Shirley girl sure can run, but she might need some help learning how to go up stairs.” Did I mention I was uncoordinated?

Anyhow, that comment seemed to really hook me into running. Just the fact that he said I could run, gave me a sense of accomplishment. Ever since that day I have been working hard on improving my running. Even signing up for a half-marathon and full marathon this year, training with and fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This would not be happening if it wasn’t for that little comment, even if it was sarcastic, from my running coach.

Now although I may not love school and may be suffering from a slight case of senioritis, I still look forward to going to school just so I can practice after the school day concludes. When a student is involved, they find their true identities and feel a sense of achievement and belonging.  Through my own personal experiences with school activities and athletics, I have found my second family and a place where I know I can contribute.


Run on.