Running Track: 

5K and then walked a mile

Nike Training Club:

15 min – Get Focused – Abs

So I don’t know what’s up with me, but this morning I woke up with just an awfully upset tummy. I said, “Whatevs,” then got up to go on my regular run, thinking I just needed to move around a bit.

Ha. No.

Running was awful. After I stopped walking, I sat down on the running track and leaned against the bleachers to just sit for awhile. The ache stayed with me, so I texted my mom to tell her I was coming home. I’m a pansy, I know. 

So as I sit here, doing nothing besides watching Keena sleep…

Sleepy baby.

Sleepy baby.

This is from last night... Adorable.

This is from last night. Both were waiting on me when I walked into my room. Adorable.

I remind myself that TOMORROW is the last day you can enter into my PRO Compression Giveaway!

Say what?!

How you enter:

1. “Like” one of my pages. Easy peasy.

2. Email with the following info:


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I keep thinking about my half marathon on Saturday! I’m so nervous I might pee my pants…

Completely kidding…

But seriously.

I’m going to go back to watching The Lion King now along with sleeping. I should be good to go tomorrow! *Should*

If not, I will cry.

Run on.