Running Track:

6 mi


5×10 DB Goblet Single Leg Squat – Cone Agility

2×5,3×3 Olympic Clean and Push Press – 1 Lap Sprint/Walk

3×10 DB Goblet Split Squat

3×10 Overhead Plate Pause Squat

3x MB Walking Lunges

3×10 MB Box Jumps

3×10 BB Reverse Lunges

3×10 Hamstring Blowouts (Negatives)

3×10 DB Alternating Lat Pulls


How my alarm looks every morning:


Pretty motivating. I mean, if I chuck my phone at the wall on the opposite side of my room, I would still have to get up to turn off the next alarm 5 minutes later…

Besides the 5:55am alarm. That one is there just in case!

Okay.. So I’m still ridiculously sore. Today’s leg day in weights probably didn’t help out with that. At all. I might permanently become a penguin now. Heck, I got the walk down.

In case you didn’t know, until next Thursday I am giving away a FREE pair of PRO Compression socks! During the month of April when you buy one of the “Socks of the Month,” PRO Compression donates some of the money to Team in Training! MY TEAM! (Go Team!!)

You can choose between Baby Blue or Purple; and Tour, Trainer, Marathon, or Sleeve (sleeve only comes in purple!)

I think some people were confused on how to enter the giveaway.

  1. You must like one of my social media pages and/or follow me.
  2. You must email the following info:

-Your name

– Baby Blue or Purple

– Type of Sock

– Size

– How you came to Running Small

Make sure you include all of this info in the email!

Some words to live my before I leave you:


Run on.