Running Track:

6 miles (In the dark, I might add, with Air1 playing on the overhead speakers.)

Nike Training Club App:

3o Min – Get Toned – Body Remix


Today I  was sore. Real sore. I think the leg workout in weights yesterday is what did this to me… It’s a love/ hate relationship.

Tweet from @RunningSmallRS this morning: If you see me waddling around today, it’s because I’m sore… Not because I’m aspiring to be a penguin.


Okay. So yesterday I promised a really awesome giveaway. Wanna know what it is? Well, it relates to yesterday’s post!

Here’s the dealio:

I am giving away (at NO cost to the winner whatsoever) a free pair of PRO Compression socks! This month when you buy a pair of one of the “Socks of the Month,” part of the money is donated to Team in Training, my team I am training with as we fundraise for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!

You can choose between Purple or Baby Blue; and you can choose between the Tour Sock, Trainer Sock, Marathon Sock, or Calf Sleeve (sleeve only comes in purple.) Visit to check out your options!

The type of sock the winner chooses, is what I will get for them!

How to enter TNT PRO Compression Giveaway:

  •  Like or Follow one (or all) of my Running Small accounts, located under the About RS tab and click on Follow Me!
  • Email with the following information…
  1. Write your name
  2. Write either Baby Blue or Purple
  3. Write either Tour, Trainer, Marathon, or Calf Sleeve
  4. Write size; S, S-M, L
  5. How you came to


Sizing Chart:





** TNT PRO Compression Giveaway will go until 04/10/13. At 11:59 PM, I will not accept any more entrants! 

** The winner will be selected at random on 04/11/13.

** I have a half-marathon on 04/13/13, so be patient if you win. You will get them as soon as I possibly can get them to you!

Good luck! And may the odds be ever in your favor… 🙂

Run on.