Running Track:
6.5 Miles

5×10 Incline Bench Press
5×3 Power Snatch
3×10 Romanian Dead Lift w/ Shrug
3×40 Russian Twist
3×10 DB Tricep Extensions
3×10 EZ Bar Bicep Curls
3×10 W&L Raises
3×10 DB Split Lunge w/ press
2×10 Dips
2×10 Close Grip Pull-ups
2×10 Upright Rows
2×10 Seated Press

This morning’s run was a million billion times better. I didn’t have time during the day to get that 6.5 up to a 7, but hey, I did what I could do!

I wore my new black PureCadence2 shoes with white PRO Compression. I forgot to take a picture, but I am wearing my black PRO Compression right now!


I also lost a left leg in a nasty fight with a shark… In southwest Kansas..

Weights was just dandy. During the warmup, some kids decided to be obnoxious and run REALLY slow so once we came upon them, getting ready to lap them while running backwards, they wouldn’t let us pass cause there was a huge group of them. Really made me mad. If you want to run like a little girl, join Freshman PE. PLEASE.

The workout wasn’t bad. I’m not very strong in my arms, so usually arm days are a little harder for me. All of my muscle is in my legs. And I LOVE it.

School was… School.

After school though, we loaded up and finally got on the road around 5:30. Lucky Dog Racing off like a herd of turtles!

We are on our way to Moab, Utah for my dad and my brother’s race! Kinda hard to explain what they race exactly, so here’s a picture:


That’s my dad. He’s a stud.

14 hours on the road calls for a seriously bored Bekah. So enjoy some pictures.


Sleepy Baby.


Such an adult.


Discussing some Philosophical ideas with Keena as I color.


Top bunk in the semi! Whattttup!


Playing with his chair. Like I said before… Adult.

Mmmkay. So I need everyone’s help. The traffic that has been coming to my site has died down! So it would be fannnnntastical if everyone could share my blog, twitter, Instagram, or Facebook page wit your friends/ family! I’ll make you guys cookies if you do…

… You know you guys want cookies…

I hope to talk to you guys tomorrow and I also hope to get a run in!

Run on.