Running Track:
8 miles

5×10 Bench Press -Superset with Striding 2 Laps
2×3, 3×5 Snatch Balance -Superset with Striding 2 Laps
3×10 Y&T Raises
3×10 BB Bicep Curls
3×10 DB Seated Press
3×10 DB Alternating Press
3×10 Tricep Extensions
3×10 Chin Ups
3×10 Dips

So guess who is tired?


This morning I went to the running track to run with Lela! I ran 5.5 miles before school started.


Today’s PRO Compression/ Brooks PureCadence Running Shoes!

Weights was SO HARD. I don’t know what it was, but I was sweating and sucking air like crazy! Maybe its because I’m not very strong in my arms. I’m all leg power right here.

I managed to get in about 2 miles during weights, making my mileage 7.5 miles.

Now you say,

“How did you get 8 miles? And what the heck is Threesday? I thought it was called ‘Twosday!'”

Well, let me tell you, you awesome son-of-gun you.

During OP I went BACK into the gym and ran a little over half a mile… Whoa.

One thing you need to know about me, is that I am a numbers girl. I like things to be rounded to a whole number. So the whole 7.5 was driving me crazy. I don’t know why, maybe it’s my own little OCD side coming out. No shame.

I know sometimes I run miles with a decimal, but most of the time I run until its a whole number.

Well, there you go. A side of me you never knew before.

I’m currently in a suburban with the Activities Director of our school, Tamie! We are on our way to go cheer on the Lady Demons Soccer team in Wichita! From there we are headed to Topeka for a Kansas State High School Activities Association meeting that will happen all day tomorrow. Whoo!

Let me explain to you why I am going. Two years ago I was chosen out of all of the 6A high schools in the state of Kansas to represent all 6A schools in Kansas for this thing called the Student Advisory Team.

What I do is provide input on the good things/ bad things that KSHSAA does, create PSA’s that play on the radio, make essays that are sometimes published and showed at other KSHSAA meetings, and most importantly, get all of the old State Tournament shirts that they keep in storage. Can someone say “cut off?”


Creeper shot of Tamie!


My really awesome Dodge City Demons Soccer shirt!

Well, I plan to go running tomorrow, so be expecting a little bit of a post tomorrow!

Ignore any grammatical errors you may find… Please. Chances are I probably won’t proofread this in order to save battery on my phone!

Oh yeah, and

Run on.