Running Track:

3.5 mi

Treadmill (Walking):

3 mi

Happy Two-a-Day Twosday! Or as I like to call it, Twosday!

So today I had TWO Twosdays! I have gotten in miles today twice and have had two cheer tryout practices today! Guess who’s sore?!


So on this lovely Twosday, I went to cheer this morning at about 6:15. I’m not a morning person. So I am sorry if I got cranky with anyone. All I wanted to do was crawl into bed and die for a few more hours… but then wake up and be okay and happy.

I tried to put on my excited face on for school. Yeah, so didn’t happen. My case of senioritis is getting horrible. Not motivation. At all…. the struggle.

I guess it’s a good thing that I get to go home straight after school! Hello Keena, nap time, and food!

Before cheer practice numero dos, I went to the running track in the gym to run a few laps.

Oh, but did I mention it was IMPOSSIBLE to get into the school? Because it was. Every. Single. Door. was locked. Even the ones that are supposed to be unlocked. So I drove around the school, parked  by every single door, got out and walked to the door just to find out it was locked. Grr.

Luckily it pays to know some peeps and one of the sweetest coaches/ teachers at the school unlocked a door! Thank you thank you thank you!

That run… oh my yuck. I didn’t wear my PRO Compression socks while running yesterday and I didn’t wear them again this morning during Drill Team when we were working on a kick routine… So my calves were unbelievably sore. I struggled. Hardcore.

Cheer was great! The girls are really working their butts off. They hate me for making the dance so hard. Ah well. They’re good!

All of the girls who haven’t seen me in my PRO Compression gave me funny looks when I came strutting in with some bright pink, knee high socks.

Yeah Buddy, rollin' like a big-shot.

Yeah Buddy, rollin’ like a big-shot.

Ah well. I still worked it… LIKE A BOSS.

I got home and walked on the TM cause my legs hate me right now. So I still count that as a Two-A-Day… Although technically it’s not running.

Does anyone watch Pretty Little Liars?! Cause I’m watching it right now and I’m all like…



…Pearl and I are currently discussing it through Snap Chat. Cause we’re cool like that. Word up.

Okay. My mind is tired. I think I’ll watch PLL and cry.

Run on.