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Leg Day!


Happy Monday, y’all!

Guess who is super duper sore today?! … THIS GIRL!

But no matter how sore I am, I pulled up my big girl panties and ran. Weights wasn’t that hard, so I’m not gonna act like I almost died in weights but endured through. Because it’s nothing like that.

This week is the high school’s cheerleading tryouts! Whoo! After six years of being the one trying out (MS included), I’m glad this year I just get to teach the try-out material and watch. So much better.

In case you’ve never tried out to be a cheerleader, you would have no idea as to what I’m saying when I say that it is the most scary, nerve-wracking experience… ever. Sure, I can go out in front of a thousand people and speak, dance, or be lifted into the air by 3 people with ease, no big deal. But when it comes to cheerleading tryouts and you are in front of 4 maybe 5 judges… Oh man. Makes you wanna pee your pants.. No joke.

So I feel kinda bad for the girls trying out this year. Paige and I made the dance a tad hard. Gonna blow some little freshmen brains. Mwhahaha.

Okay. That sounded mean. But it must be done.

Tonight as I set out down my dirt road with Keena, she decided to run in front of me. I accidentally stepped on her paw and she TUMBLED in front of me. I almost stepped on her again! I am one sorry mama.

Her pitiful face when we got home:

Poor baby.

Poor baby.


Also, as we were out running, we stopped and said hi to my friends Perlita and Vivi who were also out running! I am so proud!

One last thing…

This really ticked me off.

So me and little miss Keena are out running along… happy happy happy.

Ok. This little white car came speeding along towards us and seriously TURNS into us and ALMOST hits us. I may have threw up my arms and yelled to them, “MOVE!”

I was mad. Real mad. It wasn’t dark out. I was wearing a BRIGHT PINK shirt and shoes. They couldn’t have NOT seen us.

I don’t care if I actually knew the person driving. I didn’t see who it was. We could’ve been BFFs for years. I don’t care. But almost hitting us is NOT okay. Keena could have ran in front of their car and guess who would have probably thrown some punches? This girl.

Advice: Do not be an idiotic driver. I will punch you.

Okay. Deep breaths.

Right now we are watching the Biggest Loser Finale! My favorite is Danni. I love love love her. By the way, she looks smokin’ right now.

And guess what?

SHE WON. Whabam.

I hope some day you watch the Biggest Loser because it is seriously inspiring.

Okay. I love you guys.

Run on.