So today is my rest day, but also we are on our way home from Nevada. I hope I get home soon because from the sounds of it, my brother Levi is trying to sell off my dog. Here is what he said:


Such a nice guy.


Since there’s not much going on in my life at the moment, so I use pictures as my easy way out. So now it’s time to upload the pictures on my phone I wanted to post but then ultimately forgot about it. Let the fun begin!

<img src="" alt="20130316-130610.jpg" class="alignnone s

Speaking of the awesome brother, here is a photo I received from daddy-o. Those side burns are almost Elvis-Approved.

We went into a big sports store on Tuesday and there were two of these HUGE fish tanks you could walk under and around to see all the fish! Pretty neat!

This was the first time mom and I walked up the trail! I’m pretty photogenic. I know.

Taylor with his cousin’s dog. This reminds me of one of those guys you see walking around with their babies strapped to their chest.

Panoramic view of Squaw Valley. That’s neat. Like neature.

Oh ya know. Just a few feet away from some deer on a nightly walk with Cash. No big deal.

Just a lil’ bit thirsty. You bet I got some dirty looks.

Just working on my cycling skills while watching Four Weddings. I think I’m more of a leisurely bike rider…

Sleepy baby on the way to Reno!

Taylor Tot and G Thug Money landing in Denver! Word up to yo momma.

And that concludes this random picture upload.

I’m sure you enjoyed it. I just know it.

Have a fun Saturday!

Run on.