Road run:
6 miles

Pictures from the road this morning:




I decided to go run roads this morning because my booty was FEELING IT today! I didn’t think I could handle the steepness of the trail.

But in all serious, one thing I CAN NOT STAND is when you are running on the side of the road, there is no sidewalk and only a little bit of room for you to move over to the side of the road and still cars BARELY skim past you although they could easily move over to the other lane.

Biggest. Pet. Peeve.

I do not understand what goes through people’s minds when they see someone running on the side of the road as the skim by while driving. Like, “Hey! I almost nicked ya! That would look GREAT on my insurance if I actually did hit you!” Or, “TEN POINTS FOR SLYTHERIN IF I HIT YOU!”

I will punch you if you root for Slytherin. Just sayin. Harry Potter Nerd-Alert.

So if you are one of those obnoxious drivers. Stop it. No one likes a Slytherin. Or an idiotic driver who likes their insurance high.

Ok. Rant over.

I’m blogging from my phone this morning because we are on our way to go to Squaw Valley. I couldn’t tell you what it is exactly, I just know it’s up in the mountains somewhere.

I’ll post again tonight with some pretty pictures if I can get any!

Run on.