Trail Run:

7 miles! Holy sore today.

Whooooo early post!

I am sorry I have been posting the others so late for all of my Kansas followers! It is about 2 hours earlier here in Nevada! And so, I decided to post extra early today for everyone! I may, or may not do a wrap-up post at the end of the day… we’ll see.

So like I said before, this whole altitude/ steep trail thing is killin’ me. I feel like I smoke multiple packs of cigarettes a day. Yuck. Usually on the more steep parts of the trail I have to practically crawl up cause I am a big baby and I don’t have those types of muscles yet.

As I was trying to motivate myself to run up the steepest part, I kept saying to myself, “When you get back to Kansas, just think about how easy peasy it will be! Running roads will be cake!”

But oh man, if I didn’t have butt muscles before, I sure as heck do now.

Pictures from the trail this morning:



I need to somehow figure out how to take a picture of the steepest part of the trail.

So today since I haven’t done much with my life besides hangout, die run, and eat, I am just gonna promote some of my loves. Hang on, yo.

Today's running outfit.

Today’s running outfit.

Shirt: Run Happy from Brooks. Probably one of the best running shirts I have had. Super light-weight and comfortable! It was almost 50-60 degrees outside already this morning, so the shirt felt AWESOME compared to a cotton shirt I might have worn.

Shorts: Nike Running Shorts! I LOVE these shorts. I always have been. They move so well with your body and I don’t feel like I’m getting a wedgie all the time!

Socks: PRO Compression. Uh. Bomb. You guys know how much I love running in these socks. I hate being in any other sort of sock. They make my legs feel SO MUCH BETTER while running! Life savers!

Shoes (Not Pictured): Brooks Pure Cadence! I am in love with these shoes. They are more light-weight and fannnntastical! I have two pairs. A pink pair which I left at home, and a teal and green pair which I brought with! I have picked out my next pair already. They are purple and teal and I loveeee them.

If you click on the title of the item I am talking about, (shoes,shirt, socks, shorts) I have linked the company’s website to the word! CHECK IT OUT!

I hope everyone has a fantastic day!

Run on.