Running Trail:

4.25 mi … I don’t know how long it took me!


So Taylor, Rhonda (Taylor’s momma), and my momma made it to the beautiful Nevada! 

We left at 4 in the morning, made it to Denver at about 9, boarded the plane, and made it to Reno at about 1 (Nevada time.)

On the road to Denver!

On the road to Denver!



When we got to Reno, we ate the BIGGEST lunch ever. Oh my food baby.

When our moms went to go get groceries, we stopped by a sporting store and looked around. We met Maverick. The cutest Husky ever.

Meet Maverick :)

 Meet Maverick!

When we got to the house and unloaded all of our crap stuff, Taylor and I hit the trail.

Starting point of the trail from the house.

Beginning of the trail from the house! 

We walked about a mile until we hit the wooded part of the trail, then I ran two miles past Taylor until I met up with him to finish the last mile back to the house!

It will be a miracle if I can run this trail without stopping. I’m not use to this altitude, and the trail is SO STEEP. Think of the highest incline you can go on a treadmill. Yep, it’s about that steep for MOST of the trail. It is fun running down, though! Not so much running up.

It is a huge challenge for me and I’m finding new muscles that I am working out that I’ve never had to work before today!

Thanks, Kansas.

Just a little tiny baby part of the wooded part of the trail!

 Just a tiny baby part of the trail!

Ok, well I have been awake for 17 hours now, and it is only 7pm here in Nevada! I’m a tad exhausted, so sorry for the lame post!

I’ll think of something clever for tomorrow. Promise!

Run on.