Activity Center Treadmill:

8 mi – 65 min – 8:03 pace

Home Treadmill:

6.25 mi – 60 min – 9:36 pace

Miles this Week (3/4 – 3/10):

49 mi


Hey! It’s Sunday! So something was bound to wrong with me. And guessssss what it?! I woke to a winter wonder land outside with 35mph winds.

Long run plans… RUINED. Fantastic.

And so in my cleverness, and with my distaste for running on a treadmill, I decided to download a movie to my iPad and take it to the gym with me to entertain me. So I bought the Life of Pi to watch!

But before the gym, I went to go hold the hand of Lela, my best friend, while she got her cartilage pierced!

We are in love.

We are in love.

Smiling through the pain! :)

Smiling through the pain! 🙂

She’s one tough cookie!

The tattoo/ piercing guy looks scary, but he is actually really really nice! Momma Killion was a tad nervous!

After we left with Lela looking like a total STUD, I went to the YMCA to run!

When I got there, my stupid iPad would NOT play my movie! I was so sad! Does ANYONE know what was up? Every time I clicked on the movie, the screen would just go completely black. Ugh.

So I endured through 65 minutes of running with nothing to watch but some games for the NBA. I’m not an NBA fan, but more of a College Basketball/ Football kind of person. I would’ve loved to change the channel, but there was a die-hard OKC Thunder fan running next to me. Didn’t want to rain on his parade.

Also, as I started out running as the only one on the 10 treadmills, two guys came in and guess what. They picked the treadmills on BOTH SIDES OF ME. And they smelled bad. C’mon now. 

When I got home, I ate a nice salmon salad with some avocado; then I soaked my legs in some nice warm water before starting hour numbre dos of my run.

My movie worked up until 45 minutes in, just to the most depressing part of the movie. Awesome.

This was after my run, and the part where the movie paused!

This was after my run, and the part where the movie paused!

And so, in an attempt to keep my mind entertained, I started taking some pretty great picture of myself as I was running.


Dang. Good lookin' right thurr.

Dang. Good lookin’ right thurr.

So in all, I reigned in an awesome 14. 25 miles today! Granted they were split up, but hey, miles are miles regardless.

Next time you hear from me, I will be in the beautiful mountains in Nevada! TRAIL RUNS! 😀

View from the trail right outside the house!

View from the trail right outside the house!

Oh ya know... Just fitting into small places.

Oh ya know… Just fitting into small places.

I’ll talk to y’all tomorrow!

Run on.