Easy Day/ Rest Day:

4 mi walk

So let me tell all you awesome people about why today has been such a fantastic day for Running Small.

  1. I got my own domain, so the blog is mine all mine now. 🙂
  2. I got to hangout with an awesome person (Tot) and two fantastic with a side of cray-cray dogs this afternoon.
  3. My inspiration and running celeb/ blogger, Skinny Runner, contacted me today.

So how do you all like my cool new domain? Yeah. It’s pretty fancy. I had promised myself I would only purchase it if I had met a certain amount of traffic to my blog every day… and guess what?! I have had so much love and support from everyone that my minimum standard was met day after day and went way above expectations! Thank you all!

My own domain makes me feel all happy and bubbly inside.

Taylor and I went on a walk today since it is my easy/ rest day. We took the two goons with us. It was really nice outside when we left. We walked into the warm South Wind for about a mile and a half until BAM! North Wind!

In case y’all don’t know, North Winds are bitter cold. I wasn’t expecting a North Wind today, and neither was Taylor. I wore shorts and he was in a short sleeve tee. Welcome to Kansas. The only place where it can be sunny one hour and then a blizzard hits the next.

Maggie with an angry/ sun-in-her-eyes look.

Maggie with an angry/ sun-in-her-eyes look.

Keena... "Oh, we are stopping for a second?"

Keena… “Oh, we are stopping for a second?”

He's so attractive.

He’s so attractive.

Yes I am winking at all of you good-lookin' people. The sun wasn't in my eyes AT ALL.

Yes I am winking at all of you good-lookin’ people. The sun wasn’t in my eyes AT ALL.

The little cray-cray buddies.

The little cray-cray buddies.

No worries, everyone. We are now defrosted from the bitter cold. No plans of going back out into that wind. Noooo way.

Last night I emailed the best compression sock company out there, PRO Compression, because I wanted to tell them all about how they are saviors for my knee and how much BETTER I feel when I run in them.

At the end of the email, I just mentioned how happy I am that they sponsor my favorite blogger/ runner, Skinny Runner, and I hope to be just like her one day. She’s the best. No joke. I am almost stalker-ish about it… admiring from afar.

So here is an email I got today from her…


I may or may not have almost peed my pants while reading it… No shame.

So make sure to click on the name Skinny Runner anywhere in my blog and check her blog out! Also, click on PRO Compression’s name and get a pair or two of their compression socks. You’ll never want to wear another pair of socks AGAIN. I’m wearin’ a short blue pair right now!



Today was great. I hope your day was great as well!

Be prepared for some awkward moments on tomorrow’s post! Since it seems Sundays are not a fan of mine… ever.

Run on.