8mi – 1:17 time – 9:45 pace

Well, the entire duration of this run consisted of me telling myself “Just keep running. Don’t stop. Once you stop it will be harder to start again.”

Why I had to pep talk myself through today’s run?

It’s because it felt like my legs were made of lead. That’s why.

I don’t know why this happens, because it doesn’t happen to me very often.

My theory is that I ate too much food today, so I just felt slow and heavy. Since today was the last day of school before Spring Break (thank goodness), all we did in my classes was eat chili (which I provided) and cake. We also watched a lot of YouTube videos from The Ellen Show. Such as…


Anyways, back to the whole lead legs thing….

Keena's legs must've been feeling like lead today's run as well... Wait... She always does this. Nevermind.

Keena’s legs must’ve been feeling like lead on today’s run as well… Wait… She always does this. Nevermind.

But besides the lead legs, I FINALLY got a lot of cheers/ waves from people around town! One from my weights coach saying, “You’re doing great Bekah!” and a few from classmates yelling, “WHOO! GO BEKAH!”

It made me feel really awesome. πŸ™‚

Keena also got her normal “PERRO!” comments as we ran as well.

Now as Keena sleeps, I sit here typing away while Luke Bryan serenades me in the background…

Oh, and I'm icing my legs. That part isn't as fabulous though.

Oh, and I’m icing my legs. That part isn’t as fabulous though.

So now that my mind is on “Spring Break” mode, it is not currently functioning as well as I would like it to. So I am just going to go on a date with Tot now…

Yayyy Tot!

Yayyy Tot!


Going On A Date.

Going On A Date.


And so no matter how dang heavy your legs feel, always remember to

Run on.

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