Running Track and Treadmill:

4.25 mi – 36 min – 8:28 pace


3×10,x8,x5 then found max – 2 sets – Bench Press

5×3 Olympic Clean (from the ground)

1×10 Overhead Squat

1×10 Hamstring Blowouts

1×10 Reverse Grip Lat Pulls

1x Walking Overhead Plate Lunges

So you might be wondering to yourself, “Why did she run in two different places?”

Well, let me put your wandering mind at ease and just tell you.

This morning when I started running on the running track, I somehow managed to get the WORST side stitch of my life. For all of you who may not have experience side stitch before, it feels like someone has stabbed you in the side. Mainly on the left side. It is just a joyous feeling.

So, as I was doubled over in pain after half a mile of running, I realized that I needed to just walk for a little bit until it got better. Well, let me tell you folks, it NEVER got better. Whoo!

It was then I decided to work on my Mythology homework from the night beforeI mean… I’m a totally responsible senior in high school.

Okay, so end of before school running.

In weights as we did our workout, we squeezed in another 1.75mi. No side stitch this time, thank the Lord, Baby Jesus!

Just because I felt slightly embarrassed that I had only squeezed in 2.25 miles, after school I hopped on the trust rusty (and very loud and annoying) treadmill and got in another 2 miles before the Taylor Tot came over to hang out!

Ain't her purrrdy...?

Ain’t he purrrdy…?

So let’s be honest.

I’m drawing a blank on what sarcastic and completely irrelevant topic to talk about today.

And so, I’m going to post up some tips for people who may be interested to start running.

  1. Make SURE you consult with a physician if you have been inactive for quite some time and may be overweight before you start running.
  2. Start off slow. Good things take time!
  3. SCHEDULE runs. Make sure you incorporate them into your day, any day. Once you do this, it will become a habit to run every day at that time.
  4. Don’t stress if you have a bad run. I had one today, but had a rockin’ one yesterday. They are just going to happen.
  5. Listen to your body. Take days of rest. 
  6. Have fun! Running is a way to be interactive with many other people out there. 
  7. Remember: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

I googled... I mean made with my own creative juices… a good running schedule for beginning runners. Try it out and give me feedback!


If you REALLY want to push yourself, SIGN UP FOR A RACE 10 WEEKS FROM NOW! 

And remember from one of my previous posts, that no matter how far, fast, or long you can run, YOU ARE A RUNNER.


Run on.

PS: The video ads that may be on the bottom of my blog, are NOT MINE! I was not aware of the fact that there even were ads on my blog until Taylor pointed it out! SO THEY DO NOT DISPLAY MY VIEWS. Just so you know.