7AM Running Track:

5mi – 45 min – 9min pace

6:30PM Roads:

3.5mi – 33 min – 9:25 pace


Whoo! Gettin’ cray!

Most people cringe at the thought of running twice in one day, but I actually smile just thinking about it! That’s how you know you’re completely crazy.

In the morning, I got to the track and realized I didn’t have my knee brace. That’s okay, because ever since I started wearing PRO Compression, I noticed my knee never hurt during or after runs. So I attempted this run boldly on the outside, but on the inside I was thinking, “Please don’t hurt. Please don’t hurt! Please don’t hurt!” And guess what!? ZERO PAIN-O! Wha-bam!

I’ve actually been thinking for the past few days about today’s post. And I really liked the thought of “Two-a-Day Tuesday” and/ or “Twosday.” Hahahaha. I’m so clever.

Anyways, I somehow got stuck with not only babysitting my puppy dog Keena, but my brother’s puppy dog, Maggie, as well this afternoon!

Keena is the type of dog that hoards all of the toys, has to be the center of attention, and loves to run.

Maggie is her polar opposite. Maggie is socially awkward and loves food. LOVES food.

So tonight’s 3.5 miler was something new for all of us! Keena has never ran with Maggie, I’ve never ran with more than a dog at a time, and Maggie… Well Maggie has never ran. Period.

As we ran, Keena ran at her comfortable pace, a few steps ahead of me, while I felt like I had to drag Maggie behind me. Oh well, we made it!

Keena after the 3.5.

Keena after the 3.5.

She loves me :)

She loves me 🙂

...and then there's Maggie.

…and then there’s Maggie.

I'm doing good though!

I’m doing good though!


… Okay. That was a big fat lie. A few seconds after I snapped that picture, I walked up a total of three steps and tripped. And I may or may not have fallen flat on my face…

Just my pride is injured. No big deal.


So it is actually really good to go on two-a-day runs! I found that out recently in my Runner’s World Mag!

It says that, “Studies suggest doubling up and running in a depleted state can boost fat-burning, train the body to use glycogen more efficiently, and stimulate mitochondria production (more mitochondria can delay fatigue).”

So BAM. Bring it on, mitochondria production!

One last thing I laughed pretty hard at:

When my brother, Levi, got home from work, he looked at Maggie (after I proudly texted him about his dog running) and he said to her, “Wow! Have you been working out?”

Hahahahahaha! (This is the part where you laugh.)

And then he asked me if he could be called “Running Medium.” In your dreams, my medium brethren.

Do you run/ workout with your pet? I’ve seen videos of cats on leashes… Or you could put your goldfish in a baggie of water and take it with you…?

Hey, I don’t know your life. 

No matter the type of pet or how many times in a day you run, just remember to always…

Run on.