11mi – 1:47 – 9:43 pace

Weekly Miles (2/25-3/3):

42 miles


Oh Sunday. Why must you never go very smoothly for me?

Last week I gashed open my finger (which is still healing, btw), and today was not my day either! Let me fill you in.

On Sundays, I usually try to fit in a longer distance with a slower speed to build endurance.

Before I even STARTED this run, my mom had just gotten home with a TON of groceries. And so of course, I was eating everything in sight because that’s just what you do when you are young and your mom brings home food. You eat it all.

With that being said, I just want to add that the first 3 miles of this run were AWFUL. Just plain awful.


So as I was out and about for almost two hours, I almost face planted it 6 different times, I was almost hit by a few oncoming cars when there was no sidewalk for me to run on, and Keena… well… I’ll just explain that now.

My lovely Keena, who is usually the perfect running partner, forgot how to behave while running today and acted like a full out cray-cray animal.

My first example:


We had to stop and stare at a squirrel that ran up a 20ft tree for a little over 3 minutes.


My second example:

Tired Puppy

Keena had to take a power nap at every stop light, stop sign, and shoe tying.


And lastly:

Keena had to be the CENTER OF ATTENTION.

Here are some examples of comments I got:

  • “Hey lady… I like your dog!”
  • “Whoaaaaaaaa! Beautiful dog!”
  • “That dog is so sweet!”
  • “PERRO!”


And guess what. Not a SINGLE compliment for me! No, “Hey girl, I like the way your bun sits perfectly at the top of your head!” or, “Wow!! You look DANG GOOD in those knee high PRO Compression socks!” and not even a, “Whoa! You only look a LITTLE horrendous without any makeup on!

…Nope. Not a single. dang. compliment.

Well, I take that back. There was one car full of people who were stopped at a stop sign when I ran by and a girl rolled down her window and yelled out what sounded to be like: “Hey! You look like Jack!”

I don’t know who Jack is, but he must be pretty dang foxy.

After we got home, I realized my legs were nice and muddy. Fantastic!

I fought the mud, and the mud won.

I fought the mud, and the mud won.


But luckily no matter how unattractive I am to good ol’ Dodge City, the obviously attractive Keena Marie still loves me.

Stretching out after such a long run!

Stretching out after such a long run!


Blog time and sleep time.

Blog time and sleep time.


And so now, as I sit here typing away with my not-that-horrendous makeup-less face (oh wait, I never got that compliment) and my Keena sitting beside me, I am reminded of the fact that I smell absolutely awful and I need to go shower or something so I do not make everyone I meet on the street tomorrow run away screaming, “MY EYES! THEY’RE BURNING!”

Goodbye for now and…

Run on.