Now I know what you guys are thinking. “Doesn’t she need to run every day to get an adequate amount of training?”

Mmmmm…. No. And thank gosh I don’t train every day!

Rest days are of vital importance to any athlete’s training.

See? Even Keena enjoys rest days!

See? Even Keena enjoys rest days!

When you take a rest day…

  • you prevent overuse of your body. Thus, preventing injury.
  • your glycogen storage is restored.
  • muscle tissues are repaired.
  • your mood is restored. You may be chronically depressed if you work out too much; rest days change that.
  • you prevent burnout.
  • your body adapts to the stress of exercise and the real training effect takes place.
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    I take my rest day every Saturday. It just is the day that works the best for me. If Wednesday works for you, take Wednesday off. If Sunday works best for you, heck, God made Sunday a day of rest, utilize it!

    My point: TAKE A REST DAY. If you only need a rest day once every two weeks, then so be it! But do NOT skip rest days.

    Granted, you should still be active on a rest day because that’s just a part of a healthy lifestyle. But do not over-do it.

    Today I am utilizing my rest day by hanging out on a bus for a few hours, and then being active by cheering for an hour and half for the girls’ basketball team!

    Bus buddies Round 2!

    One thing I never want you to do is to feel as if you need to work out 24/7. That hurts your body and could injure you permanently.

    It’s okay to feel a little bit lazy every once in a while, so don’t push it!

    Studies show that the negative effects of not working out take affect after more than a two weeks of not exercising; not a single day or two.

    And so, to make my point clear…

    Once a week…

    Rest on.

    Say “hello”, Lady Demons!