Running Track:
6.25mi – 1 hour – 9:26 pace

Easy peasy Friday run! I’ve been a little tired lately, so I am thankful for the weekend!

I’ve gotten so many compliments on the blog the past few days, and I just want to thank everyone for reading! You all have no idea what your kind words mean to me!

You all must excuse how cray-cray the post will be today… I’m currently blogging from my cellular!


Well, I am currently on my way to cheer for my Red Demon basketball boys as they play our rival, Garden City!

Bus seat buddy with Pearl! 🙂

Anyways, the girls’ basketball team (Lady Demons) beat their girls’ team by a single point last night! Can someone say studs?

And so since I’m going mobile today, I decided to take an easy route and upload some fantastical photobombs!

Enjoy Photobomb Friday!

Stingray Photobomb

Beatles Photobomb

Llama Photobomb

Okay, this one just cracks me up!

Emu Photobomb

Classy Photobomb

Horse Photobomb

Austin, Zac, and Kolten Photobomb (Still love this picture more than anything.)

So this concludes Photobomb Friday and today’s post. I thought we could use some comic relief from yesterday’s heart-felt post!

Send me some hilarious photobombs! I will select a few and post them on next week’s Photobomb Friday!

I really do love input, so please don’t be scared to contact me!

Run on.