Running Track:

8.75mi – 80 min – 9:08 pace

Today was Elaine’s funeral, so I knew I would be missing most of school. This included my 1st block, which just so happens to be weights. So, to be fair, I headed in a little earlier today to run so I would still get a workout that lasted as long as the weights class.

As the clock struck 8am, I found my weights coaches, showed them my cool personalized 4-peat WAC shirt that I made yesterday…

Whoo! 4-PEAT!

Whoo! 4-PEAT!

You guys wanted to see the back. Don't lie to me.

Yep. Hair is even purdy from the back, too!

… and then told them I was going to a funeral and would miss class, but I had been running since 6:40am so I thought that would make up my missed class.  Foster’s response: “Yep… That’ll do ‘er.

So obviously I love running if I can handle running in circles for an hour or more every day.

But for some reason, I didn’t label myself as “runner” until recently.

Every night I wear my running clothes to bed; I dream about running most nights; and then I wake up before my entire household just so I can go running every morning. This has been a habit of mine for almost two years. So why am I now considering myself a runner?

Well, it took some outside influence to convince me of my true identity.

A few months ago as I was scanning through the internet, like we youngin’s do, I found an article called something like “You ARE a Runner.” This caught my eye because it was at a time when I was doubting how legit of a runner I was. I found it interesting how the internet somehow KNEW  I was on the fence with running. It was as if God had told my computer “PUT THIS ARTICLE IN HER PLAIN SIGHT WHEN SHE TYPES IN SOMETHING ABOUT RUNNING.” And my computer was all like, “Well, if you say so God!

Let me tell you my doubts when it came to the label, “runner.”

  • I hadn’t ran a half or full marathon.
  • I only ran a few 5k’s a year, not a race every week like I would see “runners” do in magazines.
  • I didn’t (and still don’t) have the body of runner, very thin and lean.
  • I didn’t (and still don’t) follow a training schedule.
  • My diet consisted of whatever the heck I wanted to eat.
  • I didn’t (and still don’t) own a Garmin, heart rate monitor, or anything of the fancy sort.
  • I was slow (and still am sometimes.)

Why these reasons are complete crap, and why I now believe I am a runner (thanks to the article.)

  • I push myself every day to become better.
  • I make challenges for myself. Once I accomplish those challenges, I create a new one to work for.
  • I make myself sign up for races; to show others what I have been working towards AS  A RUNNER.
  • It doesn’t matter if I have all the neat technology most athletes have nowadays. I have my music, headphones, and running shoes. Give me track, treadmill, or road to run on and I’m good to go.
  • I run for the love of it. Who cares if I don’t follow a training schedule, have the body type, and/or the diet.

No matter if you can run a few blocks around your neighborhood or a few miles around your town…


Believe in yourself and you will go above and beyond anything you could have ever imagined for yourself.

So run on, fellow runners.

Run on.