Running Track:

6.5 mi – 55min – 8:27 pace

Just a regular ol’ day on the good ol’ running track around the gym. Running round n’ round n’ round.

Many people ask me if I ever get bored while running in a circle for almost an hour every day. My honest answer? Nope. It must be my ADD kicking in, because I get distracted easily while running so time FLIES by. It also helps that I’ve gained a running partner the past few days.

Say hi to the folks, Lela!

She knew this photo would come back to haunt her. :)

She knew this photo would come back to haunt her. 🙂

Today I realized I must look like a baby to most people. As I was waiting in line for my cap and gown…

Yayyyyyy cap and gown!

Yayyyyyy cap and gown!

… a girl, who I have in class, turned around and told me, “I didn’t know you were a senior!!!!!

This is when I get slightly depressed. “Why?” you may ask yourself. Well, let me tell you my response to her statement.

I said, “Uh… Janet… you and I share a SENIOR class together. English TWELVE.

Her response: “Oh.” And then she turned back around.

Do I seriously look like a child? I know I’m not a huge senior… but come on! Oh well. I blame my parents.

And now the good people know why my blog is called “Running Small.” Cause I’m small… and I like to run. And also RS is my initials… Clever, eh?

Make sure you keep up daily and follow me on Twitter as @RunningSmallRS! I know I didn’t hand out a lot of advice, I just needed to share that story. I know right now y’all are sick of reading. Cause I’m sick of typing.

Run on.