Running Track: 6.25mi – 55min – 8:48 pace

Weights: Leg Day

5×10,x8,x5,x3,x2 BB Front Squat ending in max weight

5×3,x3,x3,x2,x1 BB Power Clean (from ground) + Split Jerk, ending in max weight

3×10 Overhead Plate Pause Squat

3×10 Romanian Dead Lift w/ Shrug

3×10 BB Front Lunges

3×10 DB Step-ups

3×10 Hamstring Blowouts

3x Overhead Walking Lunges

3×10 Overhead Squat

3×10 Reverse Grip Lat Pulls

After SIX days worth of being trapped inside my house with nothing better to do but watch TV, sleep, cook, and workout, I finally HAD to shower and look appropriate for going out in public. Although I wore sweatpants all day today… Hey, it’s better than my stylish pink snuggie I’ve been strutting around my house in.

I made it to the running track that goes around the gym at my usual time. I got a good run in with my best friend Lela! I love having someone to run with and who understands my crazy!

Surprise for everyone: I was asked today how I got my hair so perfect every day… Uh… A crap-ton of hairspray, bobby pins, and a lack of time?

Whatever. It made me feel accomplished about something in life.

My "perfect" hair...?

My “perfect” hair…?

For some odd reason, my weights coach claims that all we students did the past 6 days of snow-fantasticness is sit on our behinds and eat cookies. Although that is half of the truth, I would beg to differ about the other half. (See yesterday’s blog post, for instance.)

And so, he decided to bump up our reps and weight on the core lifts (squat and clean w/ split jerk). So if you see me waddling around like penguin tomorrow, you will know why.

Y'all know you wanted a penguin picture.

And lastly, I am going to brag about PRO Compression. They are serious miracle workers. I’ve had BAD knee pain while running the past few months and have had to wear a brace. It seems like ever since I started wearing these socks, the pain has diminished. Cray cray, right?!

Talking about those socks made me remember… I need to go wash those bad boys… I only have two pairs…

Question for the day: Would anyone like to buy me more PRO Compression socks?

PS: CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO! I thought it was funny… But then again I think most things are funny.